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Animals, Livestock, and Poultry


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Agricultural food donations, allow income tax credit for - HB 141; SB 1: FCCR
Animal shelters, euthanasia, gas chambers, prohibition of - HB 364
Bans on food, beverages, or containers, prohibition against - HB 287: HFA (1)
Bovine assessments, administration of - HB 433
Coyotes, population control, year-round open season for - HB 60
Cruelty to animals, forfeiture and ownership provisions - HB 235
Domestic violence, care and custody of pets - HB 195
Food production, honoring Kentucky farmers - SR 178
Horse farm purchases, tax exemption - HB 175
Illegally taken white-tailed deer, elk, bears, turkeys, and bobcats, enhanced restitution value of - HB 261
Livestock, expand definition of - HB 435
National Day of the Cowboy, urge support for - HR 187
Poultry importation, sales, establish standards for - HB 408
Sales of mounted wildlife specimens, administrative regulations allowing - HB 261
Standardbred horses, eligibility for development fund - SB 110
Torture of a dog or cat, penalty for - HB 374

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