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Introduced: SR 9, 10, 11
Referred: Rules(S) - HB 2
To Senate Floor: SR 8, 9
Reported favorably, to Rules: Jud(S) - HB 1sca(1), 1scs
Returned: Jud(S) - HB 1 to Jud(S)
Posted for passage in the Regular Orders of the Day: HB 1, 2, HCR 5
Posted for passage for Receding: HB 2sca(1)
Senate receded: HB 2sca(1)
Taken from the Orders of the Day: HB 1
Passed: HB 1scs sca(1), 2, 2sca(1)
Adopted: SR 8, 9, 10, 11, HCR 5
Committee Substitute reconsidered: HB 1scs
Enrolled: HB 1, 2
Received in Senate: HB 2, HCR 5
Floor amendment filed: HB 2sfa(1)
Committee Substitute adopted: HB 1scs

Committee amendment ruled not germane: HB 2sca(1)

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