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Special Districts


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Agricultural districts, five acres, inclusion of - HB 253
ambulance service taxing districts, number of board members - SB 91
consolidation, special taxing districts, creation of - HB 204
Drugs held for shipment out-of-state, tax on - HB 499: SCS (1)
districts in counties containing consolidated local governments, alternative tax structure - SB 192
districts, ceding territory to cities with regular fire departments - HB 423
protection service, provision of post annexation. - HB 423: HCS
Firefighters and fire departments, state allotment increase - HB 462
Industrial taxing districts, clarify qualifications and reduce number of jobs - HB 506
Interim Joint Committee to study - HCR 53
Library district boards, county judge/executive appointments to - SB 49; SB 49: SFA (1),(2)
Local firearms ordinances and restrictions, limits on - SB 161; HB 290, 500
Petitions for local referendum, requirements for - SB 123; SB 123: SFA (1)
library district, alternative method of creation - SB 127
meeting copy of draft minutes to be available - HB 523
Solid waste taxing districts, collection of delinquent taxes or fees - HB 363
Water districts, collection of rates by those that provide sewer service - SB 150: SCS

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