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Age requirement for mayors - HB 112: HCS
Attorney General, nonpartisan elected official - SB 5
Bi-state Authority, confirmation, James D. Fiepke - SR 310
Casino gambling industry, prohibited contributions and gifts to officials, candidate and families of - SB 151: SFA (5),(6)
Circuit Court clerks, creation of salary schedule and training incentive - HB 234: SFA (2)
Collective bargaining, certain cities to withdraw from - HB 326: HFA (1),(4)
Council and mayoral positions, minimum age requirement, lower - HB 112
Deputy jailer, employment of for county without jail - HB 408
cities may establish alternative work schedules, for - HB 326: HFA (3)
pre-existing collective bargaining agreements, preservation of - HB 189: HFA (2)
Full-time state employees with status, promotional or reclassification of salaries - HB 73
Health insurance trust reserve account, reporting required - HB 225: SCS
Insurance, procurement of, requirements for - SB 208
Employers' Mutual Insurance Authority Board, confirmation, Sam H. Newcomb - SR 326
Employers' Mutual Insurance Authority, confirmation, John Caudill - SR 306
Public Pensions Taskforce, establishment of - HCR 162; HCR 162: SFA (1), HCS
Public Transportation Infrastructure Authority, confirmation, Charlie W. Johnson - SR 285
Teachers' Retirement Systems, evaluate mail-order policies of pharmacy benefit program - HR 198
Legislators' Retirement Plan, restrict account consolidation with other state systems for new hires - HB 117, 428
Local firearms ordinances and restrictions, limits on - SB 161; HB 290, 500
Personnel Cabinet, evaluate mail-order policies and practices of pharmacy benefit program - HR 198
Pilot wellness program, implementation of - HB 225; HB 225: SCS
Plant based diet, nutrition, improvement of - HB 225: HFA (1)
Probate fees, estates of those killed in line of duty, exemption for - HB 71
Probation for public employee or officer convicted of corruption, prohibition of - HB 466
Procurement options, expanding - HB 394; HB 394: HCS
allow mental health centers to cease participation in state systems for new hires - SB 201
amendments to state retirement disability approval and processes - HB 529
application of previous retiree health benefits to members participating before 1/1/04 - HB 558
authorize 2nd class cities to grant COLAs to retirees of closed pension plans - HB 502; HB 502: SCS
close Legislators' Retirement Plan to new entrants and establish new plan - SB 27; HB 149
close Legislators' Retirement Plan to new members and restrict account consolidation - SB 28
close of Kentucky Retirement Systems to new entrants and provision of new plan - HB 532
COLAs to retirees of closed pension plans, authorization of 2nd class cities to grant - HB 502: HCS
disability approval process for members applying on or after August 1, 2012 - SB 219
limit health reimbursement paid to CERS by school districts for reemployed retirees - HB 381; HB 381: HCS
require full payment of health premium for retiree of police and fire fund - SB 130
employee, hiring of superintendent's spouse - HB 366; HB 366: SFA (2)
employee, superintendent's spouse, hiring of - HB 366: SCS
Search for lost person with a disability, procedures - SB 93; HB 125
registrar, vital records, security of - SB 54; SB 54: SCS
service, sufficiency of high school diploma for employment - HB 366: SFA (2)
service, sufficiency of high school diploma for promotion whether or not school is accredited - HB 102
State/Executive Branch Budget - HB 265; HB 265: SCS, HCS, CCR
State-administered retirement systems, board term limits and restrictions - HB 300; HB 300: SFA (1)
Teachers, retirement systems housekeeping bill - SB 88: HCS
Tuition waiver for family if death is duty-related, definition of "law enforcement officer" - HB 372
Unclassified employees, removal of - HB 110
Verification of immigration status, public contracts and public agencies - HB 5
Wage discrimination, prohibited on basis of sex, race, or national origin - HB 337

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