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deadly weapon on own real property without license, carrying permitted - HB 484
deadly weapon, court commissioners, license to carry statewide - SB 48
deadly weapon, permission to carry on property without license - HB 484: HFA (1)
deadly weapon, who may carry - HB 280
weapon, carrying on business premises, delete provision for employees - HB 484: HCS
Exemption from federal law, firearms and ammunition made and used in Kentucky - SB 73
Federal Aid in Wildlife Restoration Act, sale of guns and ammunition, commemorating - SR 250
Felon possession restrictions, exclusion of expunged offenses - HB 138
Firearms and ammunition made and used in Kentucky, exemption from federal law - HB 222; HB 500: HFA (1)
Fish and Wildlife Commission, 100 year anniversary, honoring - SR 265
firearm transaction - HB 563
firearm transaction, remove peace officer exemption - HB 563: HCS
Hunter and bow hunter education requirements, Department of Fish and Wildlife to establish - SB 164
Local firearms ordinances and restrictions, limits on - SB 161; HB 290, 500
Peace officer, retired, carrying concealed weapon, LEOSA update - HB 72
Proceeds of firearms sales, grants to airport safety and security departments - HB 472
Retired Commonwealth's or county attorney, may carry a concealed weapon statewide with a license - HB 171

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