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Blind and disabled, electronic information services - SB 87
Cable service providers, requirement to offer KET as primary station - SB 195
Cellular antenna towers, reporting on-site backup power capability - HB 196
CMRS fee 911, calculations and collections procedures for prepaid services, removal of - HB 360
Electronic filing of campaign finance reports by statewide candidates, slates, and their committees - HB 90
Facilities, underground, protection of - SB 152
Harassing communications, expansion of crime, and means of communication - HB 129
Kentucky Computer Decency Act, prohibition on anonymous postings - HB 157
Minor, image of, protection for minor sending or possessing - HB 562
Prepaid wireless service charge, establishment of - HB 325
Public agency minutes, draft copy to be available to public - HB 523
Telecommunications, basic local exchange service, provider of last resort - SB 12: SCS
providers, PSC authority over, limitation of - SB 135
utilities, outages, repair and reporting of - HB 209
Unsolicited advertising, littering, penalty for - HB 63

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