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Class D felony record, expungement of, procedure, exceptions - SB 185
Family division realignment, case reassignment - SB 140
Grand jury, failure to indict,, record expungement of, procedure, - SB 185
Metal sales ban for criminal defendant, recordkeeping duties - HB 483
Motorcycle instruction permits, eligibility for - HB 328
Name, change of for child, add Circuit Court and Family Court - HB 234
licenses and personal identification cards, permit veteran designation on - SB 46; HB 95
licenses and personal identification cards, veteran designation on - HB 194, 221
licenses, mail renewal for full-time students out of state - HB 327
Pseudoephedrine sales, prohibitions for certain drug offenders - SB 79; HB 80
Salary schedule and training incentive for, creation of - HB 234: SFA (2)
Social worker, report finding related to - HB 237; HB 237: HCS, HFA (1),(2),(3)
safety programs, additional fee for deputy circuit clerks - HB 480: HFA (3)
safety programs, operation of, fee - HB 480: SCS
Veteran designation, personal identification card and operator's licenses - HB 221: HCS

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