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Berggren, Kay Alice, accomplishments and retirement, honoring - SR 202
Engage in outdoor activities at kid-friendly parks, encourage children to - HCR 29: SCS
Heritage Land Conservation funds, private nonprofits, grants to - HB 427
Heritage Land Trust Board, private land trust organizations, public grants to - HB 427: HCS
Landowner recreational use incentive programs, authorize - SB 116
Metal detectors, use of, restrictions on - SB 105; HB 352; HB 352: HFA (1)
Naming in honor of - HB 31
Parks, outdoor sports and activities for children, expanded access to - HCR 29
Recreation Area, Kentucky Mountain Regional, creation of - SB 199
Rosenwald Schools, preservation of - HB 298
parks, full-time employees, reduction of work-week hours - HB 482
parks, permit the operation of golf carts - HB 322

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