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Amend to add gender-neutral language - HB 505
Benton, Brett Patrick, memorializing - SR 9
Carroll, Sergeant Patrick Ryan, memorializing - SR 210; HR 117
Colonel Charles D. Young, urge Congress to posthumously promote to brigadier general - HR 21
Deatherage, Harold B., honoring - SR 72
Gibbs, Parvin, honoring - HR 39
Good Samaritan law protection, extend to all persons - HB 330
Health-care fees for military families, urge the President not to increase - SR 220
HVAC, journeyman license with military experience, make provision for - SB 134
Iraq/Afghanistan War Memorial, establishment of - HB 256; HB 256: HCS
Blue Alert Network, creation of - SB 32
Medal for Freedom, eligibility - HB 201
Medal of Freedom, eligibility for honor - HB 201: HCS
National Guard Adoption Assistance Program, creation of - HB 224: HFA (1)
National Guard Adoption Assistance Program, establishment of - HB 224
National Guard, 100th anniversary of name change, honoring - SR 243
Veterans' Hall of Fame, creation of - SB 197
Meyer, Dakota, honoring - HR 20
family assistance trust fund board, add new member, stagger terms for - HB 379
service, disqualification because of tattoos, notice to patrons of tattoo facilities - HB 32; HB 32: HFA (2)
Move federal terrorism trial from Bowling Green, Kentucky to the Guantanamo detention facility - HR 5
Mullins, Specialist Brandon Scott, memorializing - SR 38; HR 48
Napier, Private First Class Dustin P., memorializing - SR 105; HR 102
Pickering, Private First Class Brandon T., memorializing - SR 95; HR 47
Prisoner of War and Missing in Action flag, definition of - HB 121
Prisoners of war and missing in action, urge Congress to authorize investigation - HCR 108
Private industries, federal contracts, support, urging - SR 196; HR 177
Probate fees, estate of soldier killed in line of duty, exemption for - HB 71
Public property, naming to honor individual or group - HB 31
Purple Heart license plate, design requirements - HB 104
Soldier, deceased, authority for final disposition of remains - HB 475; HB 475: HCS
State/Executive Branch Budget - HB 265; HB 265: SCS, HCS, CCR
Tattooing, Cabinet for Health and Family Services sign requirement, remove obligation for - HB 32: HFA (1),(2)
Taylor, Specialist David W., memorializing - SR 344; HR 267
U.S. Army Cadet Corps and Forest Hill Military Academy, designation of state emblem - SB 189
Unemployment benefits, disqualification for military spouses, deletion - HB 414
Veterans affairs, fund personal loan program for - HB 49
Visitation of veterans in hospitals, encourage procedure to allow by veteran service organizations - HR 201
Voluntary military service, disqualification from for wearers of certain tattoos - HB 32: HFA (3)
Welcome Home Vietnam Veterans Day, recognizing - HR 81

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