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Mental Disability


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Adult abuse registry, prepare to establish - HB 250
Assisted living communities, brain injured individuals, inclusion of - SB 115: HCS
Bringing a prisoner or patient from another state for treatment in Kentucky, requirements - HB 257
Children with severe emotional disabilities, service providers, hearing before contract termination - SB 138
Death penalty, severely mentally ill defendant, preclusion of use for - HB 145
Dementia training, first responders in caring for affected citizens - HR 25
Disabilities Awareness Day in Kentucky, proclaiming - HR 169
Plus Program, review criteria - SB 138: SCS; HB 294: SCA (2)
Plus Program, service providers - SB 147
Intellectual disability, use of term to replace mental retardation in all statutes - SB 212; HB 485; HB 485: HCS
Licensing requirements, additional local, forbidden of group homes - HB 122: HCS
Medicaid waiver enrollees, medical supplies, direct purchase of - HB 130
National and State Background Check Program - SB 175; HB 250: HCS
Personal care homes, admissions, requirements for - SB 115: HCS
homes, admissions, requirements for - HB 307
homes, medical examination, establish requirement for - SB 115: SCS
homes, qualified mental health professionals, assessment by - SB 115
care facilities, licensing, preemption of local authority for stricter requirements - HB 122
care facilities, restrictions prohibited, information to be provided - HB 122: SCS

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