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Appeal procedure, technical correction, gender equity - HB 553
Class D felony record, expungement of, procedure, exceptions - SB 185
County ambulance service taxing districts, number of board members - SB 91
Court costs, technical correction, gender equity - HB 554
Death penalty, replace with life imprisonment without parole - SB 63
Deliberations, jury, technical correction - HB 480
Filing deadlines and primary, change date of - SB 7
Frohlich, Circuit Judge Anthony W., honor - SR 12
Grand jury, failure to indict,, record expungement of, procedure, - SB 185
HIV, testing of sexual offense defendant, when HIV testing required - HB 177
Branch Budget - HB 269; HB 269: SCS, HCS, CCR
Form Retirement System, board term limits and restrictions - HB 300; HB 300: SFA (1)
Mentally ill, release of, notice - HB 54
Open courts project - HB 239: HCS
Pilot project to open courts for abuse, dependency, neglect and termination of parental rights cases - HB 239
Public financing for Supreme Court judicial race, establishment of - HB 230
Retired justice or judge, compensation and expenses of, technical correction, gender equity - HB 551
Retirement, restriction of account consolidation with other state systems - SB 26; HB 65; HB 381: HFA (1),(2)
Shobe, Circuit Judge Benjamin F., dedication of Shobe Jury Assembly Room, honoring - SR 184

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