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404 mitigation, straight pipe and sewer projects, use for - HJR 11
Boreholes, geothermal, regulation of - HB 561: HFA (1)
Redevelopment Program, cabinet to find that property owner certifications are true - HB 465: HFA (1)
Redevelopment Program, clarify impact of future use, authority of cabinet, regulations - HB 465: HCS
redevelopment, clarify owner certifications and conditions for avoiding liability - HB 465: HFA (1)
Brownfields Redevelopment Program, establishment of and standards for - HB 465
combustion residuals, disposal, ground water monitoring, regulation of - HB 404
mining, overburden disposal in streams, prohibitions against - HB 231
Conservation easements, tax credit for - SB 199
shock drowning prevention, marina requirements and penalties for - HB 356
utilities, renewable energy and efficiency, use encouraged - HB 167
Engage in outdoor activities, encourage children to - HCR 29: SCS
Environmental remediation property, tax credit for buildings on - HB 513
Federal Aid in Wildlife Restoration Act, protection of habitat, commemorating - SR 250
Fish and Wildlife Commission, 100 year anniversary, honoring - SR 265
Five acre landholders, Soil and Water Conservation Commission, determination for inclusion in - HB 253
Geothermal boreholes and systems, require EEC secretary to promulgate regulations regarding - HB 561
Green Schools Authority, established to promote energy efficiency in schools - HB 255
Heritage Land Conservation Fund Board, membership of - HB 427
Heritage Land Trust Board, private land trust organizations, public grants to - HB 427: HCS
Lead and mercury, prohibition of wheel weights containing - HB 448
Medical waste, drugs and medicines, cabinet ownership, deletion of - HB 238: HCS
Net metering, eligibility expansion - HB 187; HB 187: HFA (1)
technologies, allow for some processes other than electricity production - HB 559
technologies, allowing for some processes other than electricity production - HB 559: HCS
Office of Surface Mining Reclamation and Enforcement, stream protection rule, express concern about - HCR 12
Outdoor sports and recreational activities for children, support of - HCR 29
Prescription drug drop off program, water pollution, cabinet program for - HB 238
Recyclers and junkyards, nonferrous metal purchases, requirements for - SB 34
Special permit, hunting, nonprofit agencies, repeal of - HB 334
State/Executive Branch Budget - HB 265; HB 265: SCS, HCS, CCR
Theft and Reduction Task Force, add commissioner of Fish and Wildlife Resources to membership - HCR 64: HCS
Theft and Trespass Reduction Task Force, establishment of - HCR 64
control permits for billboards, replacement vegetation requirements - HB 226
control permits for billboards, requirements - HB 226: HCS
Vehicle emissions, natural gas as fuel, tool for reduction of - HB 245
Tire Working Group and new tire fee, repeal of - HB 518: HFA (1)
Tire Working Group, add county judge/executive and magistrate or commissioner to membership - HB 518
Tire Working Group, change membership of - HB 518: SFA (1)
Tire Working Group, only allow travel-related expenses as compensation - HB 518: HCS
Wild hog, release of prohibited, penalty - HB 344
Work safety program for timber trades, development of program for - HB 83

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