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Agricultural districts, five acre limitation, inclusion of - HB 253
Airports, provide for transfer of sales tax revenues - HB 442
Angel investor tax credit program, create - HB 113
Automobile industry incentives, expand defintion of eligible company - HB 400: HCS
Brownfields Redevelopment Program, establishment of - HB 465
for Economic Development, study of economic development in rural areas - HJR 88
for Economic Development, transfer of funds for grading of strategic plan benchmarks - SB 71
and gaming at horse racing tracks, constitutional amendment to let county voters decide - HB 45
and wagering on sporting events, establishment of - SB 18: HFA (1)
reviatlization projects, establish delayed effective date - HB 539: HCS
revitalization projects, delete sales tax incentives - HB 539: HCS
Energy efficiency in manufacturing facilities, industrial revenue bonds to be issued for - HB 255
Enhanced incentive counties, angel investments in - HB 113: HCS
Environmental remediation property, approval of tax credit by Cabinet for Economic Development - HB 513
Incentives, expand for alternative fuels production and storage - HB 246
Industrial taxing districts, clarify qualifications and reduce number of jobs - HB 506
INTERKULTUR World Choir Games, recognizing - SR 87
Jobs retention projects, expand eligibility - HB 400
Business Investment program, local occupational license fee, alternative inducements - HB 56
Economic Development Finance Authority, industrial revenue bond procedures - HB 255
Investment Fund Act, amend credit cap - HB 113
job creation development fund, creation of - HB 140, 468
Wood Products Competitiveness Corporation, abolishment of - HB 83
College tax credit, expansion and removal of sunset provision - HB 405
College, extend sunset date - HB 246: SCS
Out-of-state businesses, authorization of administrative regulations regulating - HB 21: HFA (1)
projects, allow supplemental projects - HB 539
projects, requirements, clarification of - HB 539: SCS
Secondary wood products program, delete coal severance funding - HB 426
trade pact, urge inclusion of tobacco in - SR 130
trade pact, urge tobacco inclusion in - HR 128
TVA in-lieu-of-tax payments, direction to economic development activities - HB 527

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