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Administrative Regulations and Proceedings


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regulation drafting process, improvements to procedures - SB 157: SCS, HCS
regulation drafting process, improvements to procedures and development of template - SB 157
regulations, changes relating to emergencies, federal mandates, and required analyses - SB 4
regulations, moratorium on filing and sunset provisions, establish - SB 4
regulations, review authority, public policy concerns, and costs-benefit analysis - HB 450
Alcohol and drug counseling, practitioners, licensure, certification, and registration of - HB 335
Boilers and pressure vessels, review of regulations by board - HB 358: HCS
Casino gaming - HB 46
Certified alcohol and drug counselors, licensure status, additional requirements for the 300 hours - HB 335: HFA (1)
Commissioner of insurance, regulations relating to annuities - HB 173
Complaints against police officers - SB 169
board, require review by Dept. of Public Health for regulations - HB 311: SFA (4)
health and sanitation administrative regulations, Health and Family Services review of - HB 311: SFA (2)
Delayed effective date for administrative regulations with major economic impact, establishment of - HB 131
Due process appeal procedures, termination of teachers - SB 132
Education, Kentucky Board of - HB 489
Energy and Environment Cabinet, safe drugs drop off program - HB 238
Expert witness fees, Attorney General, recovery of - HB 560
Finance and Administration Cabinet, certified and registered mail, state agencies, when required by - SB 160: HCS
Foreign law, application of, protection of rights - HB 386
Assembly, authority to review - HB 213
Assembly, authority to review, amend Kentucky Constitution regarding - SB 10
Geothermal boreholes and systems, require EEC secretary to promulgate regulations regarding - HB 561
medical equipment and services definition and fees, change in - HB 282: HCS
medical equipment and services providers, licensure qualifications, establishment of - HB 282
Housing, Buildings and Construction, electrical inspections and permitting - HB 215
Hunter and bow hunter education, administrative regulations, Fish and Wildlife to promulgate - SB 164
Board of Education, career and technical education personnel, policies for - SB 184; SB 38: HCS
Board of Education, compulsory school attendance age - SB 109: HFA (2)
Board of Education, districts of innovation, implementation - HB 37
Board of Education, high school technology diploma, requirements for - HB 36
Board of Education, personnel evaluation system - HB 40; HB 40: HCS
Board of Education, school improvement grant awards, criteria for - HB 395
Board of Education, students with disabilities, alternative diploma for - SB 43; HB 410
Board of Education, superintendents training and assessment - HB 342; SB 84: HCS, HFA (1); HB 342: HCS
National Guard Adoption Assistance Program, regulations for - HB 224
Licensed clinical alcohol and drug counselor, master's degree, additional requirements for - HB 335: HCS (1)
Managed care organizations, Medicaid, fair hearings, establish requirements for - HB 566
Medical imaging and radiation therapy board, promulgation of administrative regulations by - HB 137; HB 137: HCS
Out-of-state businesses, authorization of administrative regulations regulating - HB 21: HFA (1)
Overdimensional farm implements, escort vehicle requirement limits - SB 141; HB 422; SB 141: SFA (1); HB 509: SCS; HB 518: SFA (2)
with writing disabilities, permit verbal communications to executive branch state entities - SB 74: SFA (2)
with writing disabilities, permit verbal communications to state entities - SB 74: SFA (1)
metals recycler registration fee, administrative regulations for - HB 390: HFA (2)
metals recycler registration system, regulations for - HB 390
Social worker continuing education credits, requirement for - HCR 185
Standard local tax form regulation, Interim Joint Committee on Local Government, assignment to - HB 277: HFA (2)
Board of Elections, omnibus voter identification bill - HB 520
Board of Elections, promulgation of - SB 7
Police to promulgate administrative regulations for LEOSA update - HB 72
Student Loan Corporation, collection of defaulted loans - HB 365
Tattoo artists and body piercing technicians, training of and qualifications for - HB 382
Cabinet, ability to promulgate regulations regarding driver license testing - SB 15; HB 534
certificates, limit human service transportation broker/provider protest authority - SB 166; SB 166: SFA (1)

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