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Cabinet secretaries, election of - SB 151: HFA (2)
Collective bargaining, granted - HB 139: HFA (2),(4)
Compensation, pay time and a half for work on holidays due to snow or ice - HB 352
Constable, constitutional amendment allowing county legislative body to abolish office of - HB 360
Corrections officers of a consolidated local government, collective bargaining - HB 141
Employees Retirement System, agencies not required to participate in state health insurance - HB 150
officers with duties coextensive with Commonwealth, salary reductions, when prohibited - HB 466
benefit after retirement, allow beneficiary to assign - HB 358: HCS
benefit after retirement, assignment by beneficiary - HB 358
of Corrections, inspector general, create office of - HB 357
of Parks employees, traditional duties and functions not to be contracted out - HB 314
Director of Division of Historic Properties, education, experience, and other requirements - HB 475
Full-time state employees with status, promotional or reclassification of salaries - HB 124
Furloughs, direct Governor to cease - HJR 10, 11
Incompatible offices, clarify of - HB 68: HCA (1)
Board, not to confirm the appointment of Lawrence J. O'Bryan - SR 244
Board, not to confirm the appointment of Marvin D. Russow - SR 245
Legislators' Retirement Plan, restrict account consolidation with other state systems for new member - HB 100
Local government, incompatible offices - HB 68
Pilot wellness program, implementation of - HB 32: HCS
Private documents of public interest - HB 440; SB 7: HFA (2)
Privatization contracts, requirements for - HB 48
Probate fees, estate of one killed in line of duty, exemption for - HB 14
Public employees, collective bargaining, authorization - HB 343: HFA (1)
close Legislators' Retirement Plan to new members and restrict account consolidation - SB 89
close of CERS to new members and establishment of funding provisions for CERS - SB 2: SCA (1)
close of KERS, CERS, SPRS, LRP, and JRP to new members - SB 2; SB 2: SCS (1)
close of KERS, SPRS, LRP, and JRP to new members - SB 2: SCS (2)
determination of final compensation for new hires on or after 9/1/08 - HB 229; HB 229: HCS
prohibition of second retirement account in KERS, CERS, SPRS, LRP, and JRP - SB 2; SB 2: SCS (1)
restriction of account consolidation in the Legislators' Retirement Plan - SB 2; SB 2: SCS (1),(2)
death benefits, emergency responders in ambulances, eligiblity - SB 97
legislators, per diem reimbursements, Internet posting of - SB 52, 163; HB 24: SFA (1)
retirement systems, board term limits and restrictions - HB 480
retirement systems, placement agent ban and board duties - HB 480: HCS
Terms of office of General Assembly, amendment to increase - HB 92
Training program for city officers - HB 119
Urge Florida not to repeal its drug tracking statutes - SR 119, 157; HR 200
Venue, civil action,, recovery of fine or forfeiture against public officer - SB 148
Workers' Compensation Board, appointment of Franklin A. Stivers - SR 222

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