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Aliens, unauthorized, prohibit hiring of - SB 6: SFA (1),(2)
control officers, animal abuse, entry on premises, probable cause for - HB 277
impoundment, probable cause and court hearing, requirements for - HB 157
of delinquency, legal action to enforce collection of, notice to registrant - SB 78
of delinquency, notice of to registrant - SB 78
Certificates of delinquency, sale to third party purchaser, notice to registrant - SB 78
Crime victims, lease or rental contracts, termination - HB 142
Extradition, waiver of, authorization to retrieve - HB 300
Juvenile status offense actions, requirements and prohibitions - HB 123; HB 123: HCS
Weapons, trespass, disorderly conduct, consent to search, airport property - SB 127

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