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Blue lights on jail vehicles, requirement for fiscal court approval - HB 41: HCS
Civics education for inmate, good time credit for - HB 251
Class C and D felons, placement in county jails, restrictions - HB 432
Conditional parole, addition of state inmate in county jails - HB 463: SCS
Correctional departments, merit boards, procedural due process - HB 138
Department of Corrections, inspector general, create office of - HB 357
DNA, requirement of sample collection at arraignment - HB 393
Failure to return to custody, crime of - HB 446
Government Assessment and Accountability Subcommittee, corrections and jail monitoring - HB 349
Justice and Public Safety Cabinet, secretary, election of - SB 151: HFA (2)
Omnibus criminal justice revisions - SB 161; HB 463; HB 463: HCS, HFA (3)
State payments of county jail medical expenses - HB 432
Vehicles, use of blue lights - HB 41

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