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21st Century Bill of Rights, constitutional amendment to create - SB 10
Constable, amendment allowing legislative body of county to abolish office of - HB 360
Freedom of religion, protection of - HB 168
Gambling, no expansion without constitutional amendment - SB 10
Assembly, compensation for services, suspension of - HB 36
Assembly, sessions of, limit to 30 days each year - SB 167
Assembly, terms of members - HB 375, 471
Habeas Corpus, restoration of - SR 72
Homestead exemption, verification of - HB 95
Marriage, valid only between one man and one woman, repeal of constitutional provision - HB 178
of Judge of County Court, members of fiscal court, elimination of in merged local governments - SB 84
of Judge of County Court, not elected in merged county and city governments - HB 45
Patriot Act, urge repeal and replacement of - SR 69
Property tax, homestead exemption provisions of the Constitution - HB 207
to hunt and fish, regulation of commercial activities, not to modify - HB 1: SCS
to hunt, and harvest wildlife - HB 1
Section 170, increase property tax homestead exemption - HB 206
Sections 38, 39, and 43, General Assembly, powers granted to - SB 155: SCS (1),(2)
of office of General Assembly, amendment to increase - HB 92
of office of General Assembly, increase - HB 316
Voting for felons, constitutional amendment to provide - HB 70

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