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Class D felony record, expungement of, procedure, exceptions - SB 159
Courts costs, accounting of courthouse dedicated fees - HB 99
False Claims Act, establishment of - HB 4
Grand jury, failure to indict, record expungement of, procedure - SB 159
Identification cards for homeless, provision of - SB 26
Increase jurisdiction of District Court to $5,000, small claims division to $2,500 - SB 108
Involuntary commitment information, KSP to transmit to FBI NICS background check system - HB 308: HFA (1),(2)
Mental defective, commitment to mental institution, report to State Police - HB 308
Methamphetamine violations, precursor drugs, prohibition of purchase - HB 295
Motor vehicle medical insignia decals, number of - HB 293; HB 289: SFA (1)
license, renewal for persons aged 80 and older, visual acuity exam - HB 467
licenses and personal identification cards, veterans designation on - HB 147: HCS, HFA (1),(3)
Personal ID cards, stickers identifying holders with autism spectrum disorder - SB 77
Process, legal, directed to sheriff, - SB 134
Small claims, jurisdictional limits - HB 222

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