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Appropriation or revenue bills, require 24 hour wait for consideration of floor amendments - SB 5: SCA (1)
Appropriations bills, public review period required prior to legislative action - SB 5
Balanced federal budget, commendation of groups for opposing constitutional convention - SR 152
Bill or amendment containing appropriation, 48-hour waiting period prior to vote - HB 37
Branch Budget Bills, amendment of - HB 305: SCS
conference committees, direct appointment of membership - SB 5: SFA (1),(2)
Memorandum, requirement, deletion of - HB 478
planning document, delete reference - HB 478: HCS
projects, amendment of approval process for higher education institutions for - HB 198: HCS
Projects, exclude bonds issued by higher education institutions from state debt cap for - HB 198: HCS
Projects, Interim Approval Process for Postsecondary Education Institutions - HB 198
Conference and free conference committee meetings, open meetings - HB 179
Constitutional amendment, General Assembly, compensation suspended - HB 36
Debts owed to the Commonwealth, Finance Cabinet study of - HJR 30
Economic development and tourism project expenditure report; requirement of - HB 115
Executive Branch Budget, require submission by the 10th legislative day - SB 5: SCS
and Administration Cabinet, gains and losses, method of determining, establishment of - HB 151
and Administration Cabinet, secretary, election of - SB 151: HFA (2)
Kentucky Council on Revenue Reform, revise membership - SB 1: SFA (1)
Public fund expenditures, Web sites showing - HB 24, 203; SB 7: HCS, HFA (2); HB 24: HCS
State funds, expenditures, Web site with records of - SB 7; SB 7: SCS
Branch Budget, amendment of - HB 305; HB 305: HFA (1)
Branch Budget, amendment to - HB 305: SCA (1)
Sudan, investments in, certain agencies to divest - HB 151
Tolls, existing interstate highways, prohibition - SB 43
States Constitution, Article V convention on balanced federal budget, call for - SCR 134
States Constitution, Article V convention on fiscal and legislative issues, call for - HCR 46
Waiting period before enactment of revenue measure, constitutional amendment requiring - SB 10
WIA funding, opposing elimination of - HR 181

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