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Audit of Federal Reserve System, urge Congress to include all transactions and operations - SCR 93
Child support, financial account action against - HB 346
Commercial construction, loan guarantees for - HB 407; HB 407: HFA (1)
Creditor or mortgage holder, licensed auctioneer, employment of - HB 460
in lieu of foreclosure, penalty for late filing - HB 128: HFA (2)
in lieu of foreclosure, ten day filing requirement with county clerk - HB 128
deposit transactions, define annual percentage rate - HB 182
deposit transactions, establish maximum annual percentage rate - HB 182
deposit transactions, establish maximum annual percentage rate, delete service fee - HB 182
deposit transactions, prohibit deceptive practices - HB 182
deposit transactions, void and a forfeiture of entire interest - HB 182
Department of Financial Institutions, national banks, citizen complaints, retain - HJR 133
First priority recorded mortgage, registration of with county clerk - SB 78
Foreclosure, statute of limitations for action on deficiency, reduction of - HB 304, 354
Interstate trust companies, provisions allowing - HB 342
Investigate Wall Street collapse, urge U.S. Attorney General to prosecute responsible parties - SCR 139
Livestock seller's lien, creation of, priority - SB 94: SCS
Local government, nuisances, liens, application of - SB 135: SCS
holder, determination of nuisance code violation notice, require - HB 47: HFA (2)
holders, local government nuisance code violation notice, entitled to - HB 47: HFA (2)
originator licensing requirements, order of the commissioner, person exempt - HB 470: HCS
banks, citizen complaints, retain and summarize - HJR 133
banks, complaints, summarize and distribute - HJR 133
Property nuisance ordinance, violations for failure to maintain property, requirements - HB 47: HFA (3),(4)
Real estate transfer tax, exemption from - HB 128: HFA (1)
Residential property, registration with local government by creditor when vacant - HB 82
Separation of commercial and investment banks, urge Congress to reinstate Glass-Steagall limits - SR 111

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