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"Charles Lee Meyers Highway," designate in Boone County - SJR 178
"Deputy Anthony Sean Pursifull Memorial Highway," designate in Bell County - HJR 119
"Georgia Davis Expressway," designate in Jefferson County - HJR 155
"J.R. Gray Bypass," designate in the town of Benton, Kentucky - HJR 67
"Specialist Jay Travis White Memorial Highway" in Letcher County, designation of - SJR 135
"Staff Sergeant Nicholas R. Carnes Memorial Highway," designate in the city of Dayton - SJR 12
"The Purple Trail," extension of - SJR 11
"Tuskegee Airmen Memorial Trail," extension throughout I-75 - HJR 157
Bicycle trailers, prohibited use of while operating a bicycle on state-maintained highways - HB 255
Highway Construction Plan - SB 56: HFA (3)
Highway Construction Plan, add project to - HB 292: HFA (1)
highway construction plan, FY 2010-2012 - HB 292: SCS (2)
Highway Plan, identification of projects included in - HB 292: SCA (1)
Bill Francis Memorial Highway, KY 550 in Floyd County, designation of - SJR 24
Billboards, pilot vegetation maintenance program for, establish - HB 536: SCS
Authority, appointment, Charles Buddeke - SR 298
Authority, confirmation, James D. Fiepke - SR 299
Child booster seat requirements, age and size limits, increase of - SB 110
driver's license agricultural exemptions, urge the U.S. D.O.T. or Congress to enhance - HCR 130
motor vehicle inspectors, transfer to state police - HB 262
motor vehicles, advanced safety systems, urging Congressional support of tax credit for - SR 52
Vehicle Inspections, allow any peace officer designated by the KSP to perform - HB 262: SCS
Corporal Mayo Blackburn Bridge in Pike County, designation of - HJR 26
County roads and city streets, use of golf carts on - HB 79: HCS
Cpl. Josh Moore Memorial Highway, designate in Logan County - SJR 15
Department of Highways, Secretary's Contingency Account, project funded from - HB 291: HFA (1)
Disabled veteran license plates, elimination of fees for - HB 210
Earl (Skip) Ritz Memorial Bridge, designation of - SJR 23
Electronic billboards, allow and set standards for - HB 330
Floyd County Civil War Highway, extension of - HJR 67: SFA (1)
FY 2010-2012 Biennial Highway Construction Plan - HB 292; HB 292: SCS (1), HCS, HCA (1)
Star Fathers license plate, establishment of - HB 261
Star Fathers special license plate, establishment of - HB 199: SCS
Star Mothers or Gold Star Spouses special license plates, additional plates, purchase of - HB 199
Golf carts on local roads, increase allowable distance from golf course - HB 79
High speed rail, study of - HJR 133
construction projects, award of, minimum number of bids required - HB 580
lighting, request Transportation Cabinet study of - HR 91
Horse-drawn wagons, KYTC and KSP to study effect on highway safety and conditions - HJR 35
Identification cards for homeless, provide for - SB 49
In God We Trust license plate, establish as alternate standard issue plate - SB 36
Instructional permit holders, required display of decals when operating a motor vehicle - HB 131
Insurance loss run statements and motor vehicle repair claims, provisions regarding - HB 331: CCR, FCCR
Kenneth O. Gibson Highway, designation of - HJR 123
Kenny Rice, highway signs honoring, erection of - SJR 26
Public Transportation Infrastructure Authority, confirmation, Charlie Johnson - SR 301
Public Transportation Infrastructure Authority, confirmation, Don C. Kelly - SR 304
Public Transportation Infrastructure Authority, confirmation, Glenn Mitchell - SR 302
Public Transportation Infrastructure Authority, confirmation, Larry Sanderson - SR 305
Public Transportation Infrastructure Authority, confirmation, Laura Douglas - SR 303
Public Transportation Infrastructure Authority, confirmation, Nelda Barton-Collings - SR 300
Knott County Gingerbread Festival, highway signs commemorating, erection of - HJR 82
plate fees, 100 percent disabled veterans, exemption from - HB 199: HCA (1)
plate fees, World War II veterans, exemption from - HB 199: HCA (1)
plates, In God We Trust, establish as alternate standard-issue plate - HB 100
Limited supplemental highway guide signs, adjust reimbursement methods for - HB 24
Mini-trucks, use on non-interstate highways - HB 421
carrier transportation contracts, indemnification clauses in - HB 561
vehicle dealers, licensure fees for - SB 172
vehicle insurance requirement, standards for violation of - HB 337
vehicle license plates, stay with seller upon transfer or trade-in - HB 470
vehicle manufacturers or distributors, licensure fees for - SB 171
vehicle repair claims, claimant's right to choose facility - SB 5
vehicle repair claims, claimant's right to choose repair facility - HB 186
vehicle titles, designate District Court as venue for appeal of administrative decisions - SB 120
vehicle use tax, exemption for church-owned, disability-equipped automobile - HB 475
vehicle use tax, provide trade in credit - HB 410
vehicles with dealer's plates, who may operate - HB 355
Motorcycle safety education fund, clarify contributions to - HB 363: HCS
Nonprofit motor vehicle dealers, licensing procedures, creation of - HB 297
Norman Risner Highway in Knott County, designation of - HJR 94
Ohio River Bridge Bi-State Authority, ratification of - SJR 169
Outdoor advertising devices, Department of Highways permit requirements, define exemptions to - HB 536: HCS
Passenger Rail Advisory Board, membership, expansion of - HB 498: HCS
Perry County Veterans Highway, designation of - HR 4; HJR 44
communication device use while driving, prohibit only when vehicle in motion - HB 43: HFA (1)
communication device, prohibit the use of by drivers under the age of 18 - HB 27
communication device, prohibit use while operating a motor vehicle - HB 232
communication devices, use by minors while driving, prohibition of - HB 43: HCS
communication devices, use while driving - SB 23: SCS; HB 415: SFA (2), HCA (1); HB 470: SFA (1)
Public transportation, offenses against user or operator of - HB 82
Purple Heart recipient, surviving spouse, license plates - HB 96
employees, standards for the safe transportation of - HB 181
grade crossings, inspection of - HB 31
Railroads, Passenger Rail Transportation Advisory Board - HB 498
Real ID Act, direct Transportation Cabinet not to comply with the provisions of - SJR 109
Regulation of traffic on state highways, technical corrections - SB 210
Roads and Bridges, designate in honorary names for - HJR 67: SCS (2)
Sections of US 60 in honor of fallen firefighters and police officers, designate in Carter County - SJR 155
Sergeant Justin A. Scott Memorial Highway, designate in the City of Bellevue - SJR 5
Six Year Road Plan, out four years of - HJR 70: SCS
license plate fee, WWII veterans, remove exemptions for - HB 199: SCS
license plate for Silver and Bronze Star Medal recipients, creation of - SB 71
military-related plates, unlimited purchase of - HB 199
State Apiarist, pollinator habitat sites, consultation with - SJR 177
Text messaging, prohibit while operating a motor vehicle - SB 23; HB 27, 43
while driving, prohibit only when vehicle in motion - HB 43: HFA (1)
while operating a motor vehicle, change prohibitions for - HB 43: HFA (2)
while operating a motor vehicle, clarify exemptions for - HB 43: HFA (2)
Timothy Hall Memorial Bridge, designation of - SJR 25
Titling and registration of motor homes, required disclosure for - HB 346; HB 346: HCS
expressing thanks and support - HR 184
honoring for outstanding contributions - SR 156
Cabinet - SB 31: HFA (2)
Cabinet budget - SB 56: HFA (3)
Cabinet Budget - HB 291; HB 291: SCS, HCS
Cabinet Budget Memorandum - HJR 70; HJR 70: HCS
Cabinet, cessation of work provisions in right-of-way permits, requirement for - HB 401
Cabinet, cessation of work provisions in right-of-way permits, requirements for - HB 401: HCS
Cabinet, continuing appropriation for - SB 93: HFA (2)
Cabinet, storage of title records, elimination of requirement for microfilm - SB 189; HB 565
Uniform or other wearing apparel, safety equipment or protective accessories, purchase of - SB 54: HCS
headlamp use, require at all times vehicle is operated on highway - HB 541
headlamps, required use during periods of precipitation - HB 113
Vehicles, towing and storage of, allow sale of vehicle's contents to satisfy lien for - SB 98
Transportation Advisory Board, eliminate expense reimbursement for - HB 28: HCS
Transportation Advisory Board, require consideration of member representation from each river - HB 28: SCS
Transportation Advisory Board, require reporting of grants awarded to - HB 28: SCS
Water, development of - HB 28
William M. Cox, Sr. Drive, designation of - HJR 93

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