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Appraisal management companies, real estate appraisers board to set a reasonable filing fee for - SB 66: SFA (1)
and salesmen, branch office, extend supervisory radius - HB 356
and salesmen, license renewal, requirements for - HB 356
Condominium, uniform act - HB 391: SCS
uniform act - HB 391; HB 391: SFA (1)
uniform act for - HB 391: HCS
Deception, theft by, check for insufficient funds - HB 219; HB 219: HCS
Deed, information to contain - HB 171
Licensure denial or revocation, individuals convicted of sex crime - SB 96
New manufactured home installation inspection, fee for - HB 98
Realtors and real estate brokers, licensing of - HB 356: SFA (1)
Realtors, duty to provide fence laws to purchaser of property adjacent to farm - SB 213
Residential property, registration with local government by creditor when vacant - HB 465
Sexual orientation and gender identity discrimination, prohibition of - HB 117
Utility lien, property of business customers, authorization for lien on - HB 454; HB 454: SCS

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