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law judge, appointment of Jeanie Owen Miller - SR 286
law judge, appointment of Robert L. Swisher - SR 287
law judge, reappointment of J. Landon Overfield - SR 285
law judge, reappointment of John Barry Coleman - SR 284
American made uniforms and safety equipment to be acquired - SB 54; SB 54: SCS
Authority, appointment, Charles Buddeke - SR 298
Authority, confirmation, James D. Fiepke - SR 299
Cabinet for Health and Family Services, secretary of - HB 328
Campaign contributions, prohibition, solicitation of - SB 82: SCS
officials training program - HB 158; HB 158: HCS (1)
officials training program, deletion of felony penalty - HB 158: HCS (2)
Constitution oath, change to - HB 36
Constitutional oath, change to - HB 36: HCS
Convergence insufficiency, oculomotor dysfunction, & strabismus intermittent, health plans, to add - HB 537
Cost-of-living increase for Circuit Clerks, not less than other county elected officials - HB 139: SCS
Deferred compensation, electronic transactions permitted - HB 202
of Corrections, certain KCTCS employees teaching inmates, transfer of - HB 164: HCS
of Corrections, KCTCS employees teaching inmates, transfer of - HB 164
Director of Division of Historic Properties, qualifications - HB 591
Domestic violence assault, high misdemeanor, classified as - HB 249
Emergency medical technicians and paramedics, supplemental distribution to - HB 227
Employees, gender neutral, reference to - SB 206
Entities affiliated with local government officials, operating requirements - SB 88: HFA (1)
Executive Branch Ethics, officers and public servants subject to - SB 82
Fish and Wildlife Commission appointments, Senate confirmation of - SB 64: SCS (1)
Assembly member, contribution from legislative agent in race for Governor or Lt. Governor - HB 247: HFA (2)
Assembly member, legislative agent in race for Governor or Lt. Governor, contribution by - HB 247: HFA (4)
Judicial Form Retirement System, administrative regulations, conformity with federal regulations - HB 182
Public Transportation Infrastructure Authority, confirmation, Don C. Kelly - SR 304
Public Transportation Infrastructure Authority, confirmation, Glenn Mitchell - SR 302
Retirement Systems, determination of final compensation - HB 145
Retirement Systems, final compensation, determination of - HB 145: SCS, HCS
Retirement Systems, housekeeping bill - HB 329
Research Commission, employee suggestion system, urge creation of - HR 252
retirement, no consolidation of accounts under various systems for members - SB 51
retirement, no consolidation of plans if retire after effective date of Act - SB 51: SCS
Retirement Plan, close plan to new entrants and establish new plan - HB 54
Retirement Plan, excess benefit plan, creation - HB 137
Number of state and contract employees, require reporting of - HB 387: HCS
Oaths retired and senior justices and judges, administration by - HB 316
Omnibus collective bargaining bill - HB 493
composed of city and county officials, accountability requirements - HB 325
composed of city and county officials, operating requirements - HB 325: HCS
composed of city and county officials, operating requirements for - SB 87: HCS
Personnel Board elections, procedures for, changes to - HB 99
Probate fees, estate of one killed in line of duty, exemption for - HB 130
Salary of state officials, constitutional amendment establishing commission to set - HB 554
Secretary, Personnel Cabinet, to report number of state employees, requirement - SB 208; HB 387
death benefits, emergency responder in ambulance, eligibility for - HB 153
employee compensation and benefits, provide for - SB 94: HFA (4)
employee compensation and benefits, provisions for - SB 94: HFA (1)
retirement systems, bodies participating in, open records law, application of - HB 26
hiring preference, expansion of - SB 29
interviews, requirement for - HB 75
Wage discrimination, prohibited on the basis of sex, race, or national origin - HB 435: HFA (2)
Transportation Advisory Board, eliminate expense reimbursement for - HB 28: HCS
Transportation Advisory Board, require consideration of member representation from each river - HB 28: SCS
Transportation Advisory Board, require reporting of grants awarded to - HB 28: SCS
Whistleblower law, violations, expansion of - HB 185; HB 185: HCS
Workers' Compensation Board, appointment of Michael W. Alvey - SR 297

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