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Absentee overseas ballots, electronic submission of - SB 129
Candidate, political organization or political group, filing for - HB 97
Candidates for Governor, running mate, delay selection of - HB 247
County board of elections, circumstance for temporary replacement on - HB 152
Date of the primary, change of - HB 97: SCS
Deed, information to contain - HB 171
Deeds, recording of with map index numbers - HB 569
Delinquent property tax collections and sales, technical corrections. - HB 298
Disabled veteran license plates, elimination of fees for - HB 210
Filing date for candidates, change of - HB 97: SCS
Star Fathers license plate, establishment of - HB 261
Star Fathers special license plate, establishment of - HB 199: SCS
Star Mothers or Gold Star Spouses special license plates, additional plates, purchase of - HB 199
Hunting licenses and permits, voter registration included in - HB 542
In God We Trust license plate, establish as alternate standard issue plate - SB 36
Instruments filed, certification that Social Security numbers excluded - SB 90
License plates, In God We Trust, establish as alternate standard-issue plate - HB 100
Liens, social security numbers, specifications of - SB 90: SCS
Maps of city boundaries, to receive - SB 35
vehicle license plates, stay with seller upon transfer or trade-in - HB 470
vehicles, appeals relating to titling of - HB 125
Narcotic treatment programs, regulation of - SB 200; SB 200: SCS
Pilot program for elections by mail, establishment of - HB 191
independents, primaries, participation in - SB 53; SB 53: SFA (1)
Independents, primaries, participation in - HB 382
Security interest, assignment or pledge, recording of - HB 551
license plate fee, WWII veterans, remove exemptions for - HB 199: SCS
license plates, notification of voluntary donations for - SB 174; HB 489
military-related plates, unlimited purchase of - HB 199
Spouse abuse shelter fund, marriage license fees, increase of - HB 586
cattle, taking up and posting of - HB 251: HFA (1)
equines, taking up and posting of - HB 251
Study of centralized voting centers in counties, option of - HCR 7
Temporary replacement on county board of elections, naming of - HB 152: SFA (1)
Titling and registration of motor homes, required disclosure for - HB 346; HB 346: HCS
Vehicle registration reinstatement fees, clarify applicability to insurance suspensions - HB 138
Veterans' discharge papers, access to - HB 106; HB 106: HCS

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