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Accidents, solicitation of business - HB 282
Automatic renewal contracts, regulation of - SB 48; HB 123; HB 123: HCS
Blue Sky Law, provisions regarding - SB 130
Civil litigation funding companies, regulation of - SB 148; SB 148: SCS, SFA (1)
Consumer protection, late fees, refunds - SB 39
adjusters and debt-adjusting services, requirements and prohibitions - HB 166; HB 166: HCS
buyers, regulation of - HB 245
Electric rate increases, urge Public Service Commission - HR 136
Gift cards, issued as a reward, delete from exemption to 1 year minimum expiration period - SB 83
Identity theft, data protection, business requirements - HB 581
Insurance loss run statements and motor vehicle repair claims, provisions regarding - HB 331: CCR, FCCR
vehicle accident victim, prohibit solicitation - HB 282: HCS
vehicle repair claims, claimant's right to choose repair facility - SB 5; HB 186
vehicle repair claims, right to choose repair facility - SB 5: SCS
Railroads, Passenger Rail Transportation Advisory Board - HB 498
estate adjacent to farm, requirement for realtor to provide fence laws to purchaser - SB 213
estate appraisal management companies, business practices of - SB 66; SB 66: SCS
Uniform or other wearing apparel, safety equipment or protective accessories, purchase of - SB 54: HCS
Voting, registered motor boats owners, Fish and Wildlife Commission, ineligibility for - SB 64

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