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Cabinet for Economic Development, Kentucky Economic Development Partnership - SB 199
Consumer protection, late fees, refunds - SB 39
Economic development and tourism project expenditure report - HB 335
from federal law, firearms and ammunition made and used in Kentucky - SB 122
from federal law, firearms and ammunition made and used in KY - HB 87
Federal energy regulatory standards, Public Service Commission adoption of - HB 567
Horse processing, urge Congressional support for - HCR 47
Identification and tracking devices, implantation in humans - SB 194
Insurance loss run statements, penalties for failure to provide - HB 331: CCR, FCCR
Kentucky Military Heritage Commission, tourism opportunities - HB 521
Low-profit limited liability company, organization and operation of - HB 371
Manufactured items, the United States, made in - SB 54: HCS
vehicle dealer relocation, establish 10-year prohibition term - HB 217: SCS
vehicle dealers, licensure fees for - SB 172
vehicle manufacturers or distributors, licensure fees for - SB 171
Mountain Trail Systems Task Force, create - HB 173: SCS
New motor vehicle dealerships, prior revocation by manufacturer and prohibition of licensing of - HB 217
Nonprofit motor vehicle dealers, licensing procedures, creation of - HB 297
Outdoor advertising devices, Department of Highways permit requirements, define exemptions to - HB 536: HCS
Radius, increase from 10 miles to 25 miles - HB 217: HFA (1)
Railroads, Passenger Rail Transportation Advisory Board - HB 498
Renewable Energy Portfolio Standards, development and application thereof - HB 408
Sales representatives' contracts, commissions, and termination - HB 236
Secondary wood products, economic development incentives, cabinet approval for - HB 309
Tobacco transactions, require cash payments in - SB 177
Towing and storage of vehicles, allow sale of vehicle's contents to satisfy lien for - SB 98
Trespass on retail and commercial premises, prohibition of - HB 389
Unmanufactured tobacco, encourage exportation efforts - HCR 244

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