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Bicycle trailers, prohibited use of while operating a bicycle on state-maintained highways - HB 255
Black bears threatening human safety, taking of - HB 141
Carbon monoxide alarms, install in dwellings - HB 555
Child Abuse and Neglect Fatality Review Panel, establishes - SB 62: HCS; HB 192: HCS
Commercial motor vehicles, advanced safety systems, urging Congressional support of tax credit for - SR 52
Display of decals, required for holders of an instructional permit when operating a motor vehicle - HB 131
contractors, elevator mechanics, and fire sprinkler inspectors, regulation of - HB 220: SCS (2)
mechanic license, public university maintenance employees, requirement for - SB 115: SFA (1)
safety and inspections, Office of Housing, Buildings and Construction to coordinate - SB 115
Mold remediation standards, Department of Law to establish and Attorney General to enforce - HB 44: SCS
communication device, prohibit the use of by drivers under the age of 18 - HB 27
communication device, prohibit use while operating a motor vehicle - HB 232
communication devices, use while driving - SB 23: SCS; HB 415: SCS, SFA (2); HB 470: SFA (1)
services agencies, require gift policy for - HB 415
Railroads, Passenger Rail Transportation Advisory Board - HB 498
Safety violations, workers' compensation liability for - HB 435
Social service workers, provisions for - HB 328; HB 328: HCS
Task Force on Children Exposed to and Affected by Domestic Violence, creation of - HCR 148
Text messaging, prohibit while operating a motor vehicle - SB 23; HB 27, 43
facilities, damage protection of - HB 595: SFA (3)
facilities, damage protection thereof - HB 595: SCS
Workers' Compensation, safety violations, liability for - HB 435: HFA (1)

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