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Allow the sale of unmined minerals certificates of delinquency - HB 298
Blasters, coal mining, training requirements for - HB 268
Carbon dioxide pipeline, state program of regulation, removal from - HB 213: HCS
mine permit fees, adjustment of - HB 283: SCS
mine subsidence insurance, reinsurance, living expenses, increase for - HB 268: SCS
Instruction to add miners' names to monument, addition of - HB 420: SCS
Kentucky Natural Resources Caucus, creation of - HCR 84
Safety Review Commission, confirmation, Stephen A. Sanders - SR 279
Subsidence Insurance, increased reinsurance coverage limits, additional living expenses covered - SB 63
mining, placement of overburden, requirements on - SB 139
removal, overburden in streams, prohibition of - HB 396
Natural resources severance tax credit, definitions - SB 126
Noncompliance notice, electronic mail, procedure for - SB 113; HB 215: SCS
Pollinator habitat, reclamation site revegetation requirements, inclusion of - HB 175
Reorganization, Energy and Environment Cabinet, Executive Order 2009-538 - HB 393
Streams, mountain top mining, overburden, placement of - HB 416
Surface coal mining permit fees, increase of - HB 283

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