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electrical inspectors, local government - HB 501
fire sprinkler inspectors, fees and appellate venue for - HB 220: SCS (1)
Charitable gaming facilities, inspections of - SB 222
Electrical inspectors, executive director may not impose disciplinary fines against - HB 501: SCS
inspections, Office of Housing, Building and Construction to coordinate - SB 115
inspections, Office of Housing, Buildings and Construction to coordinate - HB 442
sprinkler inspector certification program, fines removed and grandfathering extended for - HB 220: SCS (2)
sprinkler inspectors, certification of - HB 220
New manufactured home installation inspection, fee for - HB 98
Public university elevators, maintenance employees, mechanic licenses for - SB 115: SFA (1)
Water heater installations, exemption from permit requirement and state inspection - HB 467

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