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Aliens, unauthorized, prohibit hiring of - HB 321: HCS
Capital construction contracts, resident bidder, definition of - SB 45: HFA (1)
Carbon monoxide alarms, install in dwellings - HB 555
electrical inspectors, local government inspections - HB 501
fire sprinkler inspectors, fees and appellate venue for - HB 220: SCS (1)
inspectors, executive director may not impose disciplinary fines against - HB 501: SCS
inspectors, inactive license and renewal fees, conditional exemption from - HB 484
contractor proof of insurance, permitted insurance providers to issue insurance policy for - SB 115: SCS
mechanic, public university maintenance employees, licenses for - SB 115: SFA (1)
safety and fire sprinkler inspectors, Housing, Buildings and Construction to oversee - HB 220: SCS (2)
safety, office to administer with the elevator safety advisory committee - SB 115; HB 442
Fire sprinkler inspectors, certification of - HB 220
Green Schools Caucus, creation of endorsed - SR 90; HR 24
Inspectors, training funds, allow excess funds to be used to carry out building inspection program - HB 295
Board of Radon Professionals, creation of - HB 494
Housing Corporation Board of Directors, Carolyn Stone Edwards - SR 292
Housing Corporation Board of Directors, confirm Francis Lynn Luallen - SR 291
Housing Corporation Board of Directors, confirm Horace Alton Cunningham - SR 290
Landscape architects, administration of public works construction contracts by - SB 81: SFA (1)
remediation standards, Department of Law to establish and Attorney General to enforce - HB 44: SCS
remediation, establish standards for - HB 44
New manufactured home installation inspection, fee for - HB 98
Qualified construction contracts, resident bidder, preference for - SB 45: SCS
Radon testing in public buildings in certain counties - SB 185
Reorganization, Department of Housing, Buildings and Construction, Executive Order 2009-535 - HB 393
Residential property, registration with local government by creditor when vacant - HB 465
construction contracts, resident bidder, preference for - SB 45
construction contracts, resident bidder, qualifications of - SB 45: SFA (1)
facilities, damage protection of - HB 595: SFA (3)
facilities, damage protection thereof - HB 474
heater installations, exemption from permit requirement and state inspection - HB 467
heater purchases, exemption for homeowners - HB 467

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