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and biofuels task force, commend work of - HCR 171
and biofuels task force, laud work of - HR 298
dioxide pipeline, right of condemnation and economic incentives for - HB 213: SCS
dioxide pipeline, state program of regulation, removal from - HB 213: HCS
dioxide storage, underground - HB 491
emissions, pipeline, right of condemnation and economic incentives for - HB 213
Coal mine subsidence insurance, reinsurance, living expenses, increase for - HB 268: SCS
Combined Sewer Overflow control measures, support for requiring EPA to consider affordability of - HJR 187
Compact fluorescent lights, environmental management, requirement for safe disposal of - HB 502
Conservation officers, enforcement outside of fish and game laws, limitations on - SB 64
Department for Natural Resources, duties under reorganization - HB 393: HFA (2)
Disposal of pharmaceuticals, restrict certain methods of - HB 543
design, encourage in school buildings - SB 132
design, school buildings, encourage in - SB 132: HCS
Electronic scrap recycling program, establishment of - SB 160
Environmental stewardship tax credits, extend agreement term - HB 481
Equine heritage and state recreation land, protection of - HB 312
Federal energy regulatory standards, Public Service Commission adoption of - HB 567
Forest Health Board, establishment of - HB 308
Greenhouse gas emissions, stationary sources, regulation postponement - SR 160; HR 132
Hunting licenses and permits, voter registration included in - HB 542
Increased electricity generation when applying New Source Review, urge EPA to consider - HR 211
Interim Joint Committee on Natural Resources and Environment, report to - SB 104
Heritage Land Conservation Fund Board, add members and private allocation authority to - HB 419
land stewardship and conservation fund, establishment of - HB 419
KY Recreational Trails Authority and GAIN program, establishment - HB 173
Land suitable for hunting, agency determination of - SB 64: HCS
Metro sewer district, designation as an "authorized agent" - HB 433: HCS
remediation standards, Department of Law to establish and Attorney General to enforce - HB 44: SCS
remediation, establish standards for - HB 44
mining, overburden in streams, prohibition of - SB 139
removal, overburden in streams, prohibition of - HB 396
Nature preserves, definition, technical correction of - HB 215
No net loss of public hunting lands, report for - SB 64: SCS (2)
Permitee-proposed control options for presumption approach performance criteria, preference for - HB 504: SCS
Petroleum storage tank program, term of program extension for - HB 124: HCS
Pollinator habitat, reclamation site revegetation requirements, inclusion of - HB 175
RC&D funding, urge Congressional restoration of - HCR 223
Recycling, state offices and universities, reporting requirement for - HB 93
Screening Tables, administrative regulations, updates to - SB 56: SCS
Screening Tables, EPA Region 3, toxicity concentrations, updates for - SB 56
wastewater commissions, water quality enhancement, purpose of - HB 221
Reorganization, Energy and Environment Cabinet, Executive Order 2009-538 - HB 393
Restrictions on carbon dioxide emissions, prohibition on enforcement of - HJR 20
Stream maintenance, proceedings for - HB 433
Streams, mountain top mining, overburden, placement of - HB 416
Surface coal mining permit fees, increase of - HB 283
Timber harvesting operations, requirement for notice of intent for - HB 598
storage tanks, registration of - HB 124
storage tanks, SOTRA, administrative regulations, limitations on - HB 378
Various funds, establishment of - HB 310
Warren County Public Schools Energy Program, Recognition - HR 90
tire clean up, waste tire fund, apportionment of - HB 529
tire fee, reauthorization of - HB 197
tire fee, reduce reauthorization period for - HB 197: HCS
tire fee, reduce reauthorization period to 2011 for - HB 197: HFA (1)
tire fund, apportionment of - HB 197: HFA (3)
tire fund, cabinet use of funds, limitations on - HB 197: HFA (2)
commissioners, water districts, training, requirements for - HB 201: HCS
district commissioners, training requirements for - HB 201
resources, preservation of - SB 205
Waters of the Commonwealth, regional wastewater commission, benefit of - HB 221: HFA (1)
Wet weather discharge permits, require the cabinet to consider affordability when issuing - HB 504

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