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900 KAR 6:075, void, unenforceable, rendering of - SB 55: SCS
911 emergency services, improvement and funding of - HB 462; HB 462: HFA (2),(3)
Administrative regulation 900 KAR 6:075, deficient, declaration of - SB 55: SFA (1)
Alternative education programs, classification and data collection - HB 412
Books for Brains Foundation - HB 513
for Health and Family Services, delayed birth certificates, establishment of - HB 135
for Health and Family Services, specialty residential treatment center - HB 231
Controlled substances, schedule limits on - SB 75; SB 31: HCS
Council on Postsecondary Education, college readiness and admission standards, adoption of - SB 9
Court reporters, disciplinary action, hearing process, and investigation of - SB 215
administrative regulation, declare null, void, and unenforceable - SB 55: SFA (4)
administrative regulations, declare null, void, and unenforceable - SB 55; HB 66
of Corrections, employees transferred from KCTCS, additional benefits to - HB 164
of Revenue, regulations, inclusion of examples - SB 158
Development of physical activity assessment tool, Kentucky Board of Education - SB 94: HCS
Early Childhood Development Authority, Strong Start Kentucky program, participation requirements for - HB 190
Education Professional Standards Board, verification of eligibility criteria - SB 69
Elevator safety, administrative regulations to be promulgated regarding - SB 115; HB 442
Enforcement by conversation officers - HB 429: HFA (1)
and Administration Cabinet, Kentucky businesses, preference for - SB 45: HCS
and Administration Cabinet, state construction contracts, resident bidder, determination of - SB 45
and Administration Cabinet, state contractors, equal employment opportunity requirements for - SB 152
Cabinet, fees, court-appointed counsel - HB 260
and Wildlife administrative regulations, local hearings - SB 226; HB 429
and wildlife administrative regulations, separate hearing, requirement for - SB 64: HFA (1)
and wildlife, abutting property uses - SB 64: HFA (1)
and wildlife, administrative regulations, requirement of - HB 429: HCA (1)
and wildlife, servicepersons, license exemptions for - HB 522
and wildlife, when administrative regulations required - HB 429: HFA (1)
Housing, buildings and construction, elevator safety licensing, regulations for - SB 115: SFA (1)
Cabinet, forensic protocol for exams for victims of sexual offenses, regulation of - SB 135; HB 500
Cabinet, storage and destruction of sexual assault exam samples, regulation of - SB 135; HB 500
KBE, grant programs, implementation and eligibility requirements - SB 28
Board of Education, Bible literacy, elective course - SB 142
Board of Education, charter school operation - HB 583
Board of Education, charter school, promulgation of implementation requirements - HB 109: SCS (2)
Board of Education, coaching positions, hiring - HB 327
Board of Education, evaluation of teachers and education leaders - HB 539
Board of Education, external manager, review process for - HB 176: HCS
Board of Education, grant programs, implementation and eligibility requirements - HB 301: SCS
Board of Education, guidelines for charter school applicants - HB 21
Board of Education, procedures for seeking waivers relating to school calendars - HB 597
Board of Education, professional development, reporting requirements for - HB 597
Board of Education, requirements for public school academy applicants - HB 63
Board of Education, response to intervention, district wide requirement of - HB 109
Board of Education, school intervention options, implementation - HB 176
Board of Education, school interventions, implementation - HB 176: SCS
Board of Education, standardized evaluation of school facilities, promulgation of - SB 125: SCA (1)
Board of Education, summer learning camps, promulgation of implementation requirements - HB 109: SCS (2)
Heritage Council, human remains, disposition of - HB 92
Higher Education Assistance Authority, use of scholarships in out-of-state institutions - HB 211
Teachers' Retirement System insurance trust fund, board of trustees - HB 540; HB 540: HCS
KHEAA, establishment of grant program - SB 121
Noncompliance with regulations notice, electronic mail, procedure for - SB 113
Office of Charitable Gaming, charity employee compensation regulations to be promulgated by - HB 515
Personnel Board election notice procedures, merit employees, notification to - HB 99
Pharmacists, emergency authority for - HB 300; HB 300: HFA (1)
Pilot vegetation maintenance program, require KYTC to promulgate regulations regarding - HB 536: SCS
Practitioner or pharmacist coerced to provide drugs, prohibition of action against - SB 211: HFA (2)
Process for evaluation of school buildings, Kentucky Board of Education - SB 132: HCS
Prosthetics, orthotics, and pedorthics, administrative regulations to govern the practice of - SB 60
Qualified construction contracts, resident bidder, determination of - SB 45: SCS
Radon professionals - HB 494
Real Estate Appraisers Board, appraisal management companies, registration fees - SB 66
State Employment Relations Board, authorization to promulgate - HB 493
Timber harvesting operations, requirement for notice of intent for - HB 598
Cabinet, cessation of work provisions in right-of-way permits, hearing on - HB 401; HB 401: HCS
Cabinet, railroad employee contract carriers - HB 181
Cabinet, titling and registration of motor homes, required disclosure for - HB 346; HB 346: HCS
Underground storage tanks, SOTRA, administrative regulations, limitations on - HB 378
Watershed conservancy districts, operational proceedings, requirements for - SB 197

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