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CERS, remove employer contribution and health care reimbursement for reemployed retirees - HB 212
City assessor, abolition of office, term of office, when abolished - HB 186
Compensatory leave sharing program, creation of - SB 9
local governments, council, powers of - SB 118
local governments, mayor's duties and powers in - HB 517
County employees retirement system, definition of seasonal position - HB 204
Division created to investigate - SB 188; HB 540
Finance and Administration Cabinet, interest on state bonds, reporting requirements for - HB 430
Public Procurement Association, resolution honoring - HR 231
Retirement Systems, determination of final compensation for school board employees - HB 323
Retirement Systems, housekeeping bill - HB 416
Labor organization, mandatory membership or financial support prohibited, penalty - SB 165
Leave, mentoring by state employees at public schools - HB 93
Legislative Research Commission, employees and director of, salaries of - HB 526
Marriages, allow members of the General Assembly to solemnize - HB 79
Mayor's duties in consolidated local government and budget process - SB 80: SCS
Oaths, retired and senior justices and judges, administration by - HB 499
Office of Homeland Security, Department of Military Affairs, attachment to - SB 60
Officers, oaths, remove two-year denial of office penalty for failure to take oath under KRS 62.010 - HB 161
Penalty provision, date of - HB 161: HCS
Personnel Board elections, deadlines and procedures, changes to - HB 325
Prerecorded telephone political messages, prohibition of - HB 18: HCS
Probate fees, estate of officers killed in line of duty, exemption for - HB 232
Retirement, increase death in the line of duty benefits - SB 140
Secretary of Personnel Cabinet, authority to promulgate administrative regulations, health coverage - HB 175
Sheriff Berl Perdue, Jr., recognizing - SR 135
Urban-county government, benefits during layoffs for police and fire employees - SB 16
Wage discrimination, prohibited on basis of sex, race, or national origin - HB 33

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