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Alternative fuel, tar sands and crude oil, inclusion of - HB 178: SFA (1)
Biofuel blends, tax credits - HB 537
Coal mining around oil and gas wells, establishment of provisions for - HB 452
Forfeited bond fees for tank battery and gathering line remediation operations - SB 134
Gathering line markers on sloped terrain, increase maximum interval distances for - HB 452: HCS
Kentucky Natural Resource Caucus, creation of - HCR 141
gas retail competition, PSC authority, terms and conditions thereof - HB 542
gas, bulk sales, for commercial, industrial, governmental and school customers - SB 154
and gas leases, state-owned lands, authorization for - SB 138
and gas operations, state an university owned lands, shut in provision for - SB 138: SCA (1)
and gas operations, state and university owned lands, report directed to - SJR 67: SCA (1)
and gas operations, state-owned and university-owned land, program for - SB 138: HCS
and gas operations, state-owned and university-owned lands, study of - SJR 67
Power line placement to be disclosed, clarification of - SB 134: HCS
Remediation of tank batteries, funding transfer for - SB 134: HCS
Reorganization, Energy and Environment Cabinet, Executive Order 2008-531 - HB 473
State-owned lands, finding of unsuitability for oil and gas operations for - SB 138: HFA (1)
Tar sands, add to definition for alternative transportation fuels, set minimum investment - SB 66; HB 362: SCS
Well operations and reclamation proposals, power line placement - SB 134

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