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911 communications, procedure for release of - SB 30; SB 30: SCS
informed consent and ultrasound requirements - SB 79
practice, procedure, and prohibited acts - HB 191
parking placards, allow for pregnant women and parents of children under one - HB 151
parking placards, clarification of use for pregnant women and those transporting infants - HB 151: HCS
Accident or disaster, improper solicitation for medical services - HB 535
Accidents, solicitation of business - HB 412
Adopted children, employer to grant equal rights to parents, guardians of - HB 375
Agriculture, energy feedstocks, qualifying environmental remediation property, tax exemptions for - HB 162
Agroterrorism, set penalties for - HB 91
Alcoholic beverages wholesale sale tax, increased rate - HB 166
Aliens, unauthorized, hiring prohibition - HB 441
Anatomical gifts, consistency of provisions governing - SB 25
cruelty, care of seized animals - HB 428
health, provisions governing - HB 302
identification, bar unjustifiable removal of - HB 301
Animals, cruelty to, add shelter requirements - HB 137
Antifreeze additive, stipulate requirements for - HB 182: HCS
Antifreeze, require bittering agent in - HB 182
Archeological sites, family access, require landowner compliance - HB 114
Autism spectrum disorders, health coverage for - SB 74
Basic reparation benefits, restrict licensed practitioners of the healing arts - HB 412: HCS
Benefits increase, death, line of duty deaths - HB 426
Bluegrass Prostate Cancer Awareness Foundation, special license plate benefiting - HB 402
Boating while intoxicated, penalties and enforcement - HB 369: SCS
Breast-feeding, penalty for violation of law that permits practice in public, establish - SB 29; HB 214
Brownfield redevelopment, agricultural feedstocks, property tax credits - HB 162: HCS
Cabinet for Health and Family Services, public swimming pool safety regulations, promulgated by - HB 258: HCS
Candidates for Governor, running mate, delay selection of - HB 451
Capital punishment, allow prior child abuse as an aggravating circumstance - HB 130
CDL drug and alcohol testing database, requirement for - HB 443
allow certain agencies to opt out of participation in the state health plan - HB 431
certain agencies may opt out of participation in the state health plan - SB 112
remove employer contribution and health care reimbursement for reemployed retirees - HB 212
Child support, disbursement fee, charge noncustodial parent for - HB 95
Cigarette surtax, distribution of - HB 123
Conduct of elections, pilot program for early voting - HB 486; HB 486: HCS
Consolidated local government, budget process and mayor's duties - SB 80: SCS
Contributions, expenditures, and reporting, guidelines for - SB 62
Controlled substances, salvia, addition to Schedule I - HB 228
Correctional health care programs - SB 73
consolidation, process for - HB 233
Employees Retirement System, definition of "seasonal employee" - HB 204: HCS
Employees Retirement System, establish 10 year phase-in to fully fund retiree health benefits - HB 117
ordinances, procedure for enactment and amendment - HB 187
Court house facilities, provision of by counties - HB 80
gang activity, database, uniform citation modification - HB 188
gang database - HB 188: HCS
records, misdemeanors, expungement - HB 312
Cybercrime, provisions relating to - HB 315: HCS
Dating violence, availability of domestic violence protective orders - SB 101; HB 48
Dead body, unclaimed, cremation allowed by coroner - HB 58
Deception, theft by, check for insufficient funds - HB 176
Development fees - HB 250
veteran license plates, eliminate fees - SB 32
veterans, eliminate fees on special license plates - HB 265
DNA samples, from whom taken, use - HB 321; HB 321: HCS
Driving under the influence, penalties for - SB 34: HCS, FCCR
court programs, operation, funding - HB 165
service fee, collection, distribution - HB 287
ignition interlocks - HB 365
violation for controlled substance use - SB 5
Duplicate filing requirement with county clerk for legislative candidates, abolishment of - SB 24
in-person voting, no excuse necessary - HB 406
voting, authority to - HB 133
voting, costs to countries reimbursement, requirement for - HB 56
voting, establishment of - HB 50
days alcoholic beverages, permit delivery of - HB 128: HCS
days, alcoholic beverages, unless permitted by local government, prohibit sale of - HB 128
of judges, preferential voting system - HB 238
Elections, requirements and restrictions during, members of the media - SB 130
Electronic warrants, participation in - HB 138
Elevator safety review board, elevator inspections and safety to be coordinated by - SB 155
Eligibility for parole, parole credit, discharge from parole - HB 372; HB 372: HCS
Emergency services personnel, line of duty, deaths and injuries, benefits for - HB 415
Employment leave for crime victims, creation of and requirements for - HB 49
Explosives, storage of, prohibit in certain areas in a consolidate local government - SB 18
Eyewitness identification, procedures for - HB 389
Felons' voting rights, constitutional amendment to provide - HB 70
Felony offense threshold, increase from $300 to $1,000 - HB 518
inspection fees - HB 293
subdistricts, dissolution and governance of - HB 357
Firefighters Foundation Program Fund, increase stipend amount - HB 466
Fireworks storage and display, fire chief inspection of - HB 500
Fish & Wildlife Res., prohibit regs that limit deadly weapons for self-defense or defense of others - HB 419
Funding and operation of jails - SB 76
Funding, KLEPF fund salary supplements - HB 164
Gold Star Fathers license plate, establish - HB 66
bodies and local public agencies, purchasing preference - HB 339
facilities for recreational purposes, requirement for liability insurance - HB 460
Gross revenues and excise tax fund, hold-harmless amount, increase - HB 341
boards, composition of - HB 109
care costs, correctional facilities and jails, limitation of - SB 73: SCS
Highway infrastructure authority, technical corrections to - HB 102: HFA (1)
Historic or prehistoric remains on property, limitation created by - HB 115
Home invasion, penalty for crimes relating to - SB 143
Homestead exemption, increase for disabled veterans 65 and over - HB 260
Hospitals, patient transport to by ambulance service - SB 91
Hunting, carrying firearms, provisions for - HB 358: SCA (1)
Identity theft, avoiding criminal prosecution, addition of - SB 189
Infection, health facility-acquired, report rates and prevention procedure - HB 67
Information to county clerks, voter roster, maintenance of - SB 125
Inmate credits - HB 371
Inspections, disposition of funds from - HB 293: HCS
Internet facilitated crimes and conduct, provisions relating to - HB 315
Issuance of certificates, procedures for - HB 263
Judgment, interest on - SB 104; HB 487
Board of Licensure for Tattooing and Body Piercing creation of - HB 241
Condominium Act - HB 514
lottery, making an appropriation therefor - HB 158
Retirement Systems, technical changes to reemployment after retirement provisions - HB 323
Labor organization, mandatory membership or financial support prohibited, penalty - SB 165
Law enforcement agency, report VIN numbers on stolen items to NCIC - HB 113
License plate, Transportation Cabinet, establish alternate standard issue license plate - HB 25
Limited liability companies, application of corporate alcohol license laws - SB 34
development areas, termination date, extension to 30 years - HB 395
economic development areas, allow time extension in specific cases - HB 395: HCS
enforcement of federal immigration law - HB 440
Lodging, sales tax on, clarification on tax base - HB 482
Maintenance orders for spouses, availability of automatic payment methods - HB 22
Marriages, allow members of the General Assembly to solemnize - HB 79
Masonic Order license plates, allowance of petition for a voluntary donation amount - HB 74: HCS
Mayor of consolidated local government's duties and powers - SB 80
Mini-trucks, coverage required to be operated as a motor vehicle - HB 2
vehicle property tax relief, effective date of - HB 158: HCS
vehicle registration, voluntary contribution permitted upon registration of a farm truck - HB 100
Vehicles, Assessments on end of year purchases, clarify procedures for - HB 340
Motorcycle helmets, fee required to operate without - HB 501
Notary publics, omnibus regulation - HB 539
Notice requirement from county clerks, date of - SB 124: SCS
Offense of vehicular assault of a bicyclist or pedestrian - HB 88
One Nation Under God special license plate, establish - HB 24: SCS
communication device, prohibit use by an operator of a motor veh. under the age of 18 - HB 46: HCS
communication device, prohibit use by an operator of a motor vehicle under the age of 18 - HB 46
communication device, prohibition of use while operating a motor vehicle - HB 41
and zoning, subdivision of land for agricultural purposes, definition of new street - HB 447: HCS
and zoning, subdivision, definition of - HB 447
and fire employees, benefits during layoffs - SB 16
department, city of sixth class, countywide jurisdiction - HB 377
Postal Inspectors, United States, Kentucky peace officer status for - HB 107
Power plants, coal-fired, make eligible for Incentive for Energy Independence Act - SB 55
Preferences for Kentucky businesses, TIF financing - HB 543: HCS
Preliminary property assessment of PVA to be provided to city - HB 186
Prerecorded telephone political messages, prohibition for Do Not Call Registry - HB 18: HCS
Prevailing wage, increase in exemption threshold - SB 146
Prisoners working community-service-related projects, nonreligious requirement, deletion of - SB 31
prisoners, community-service-related projects - HB 239
Probate fees, estate of officers killed in line of duty, exemption for - HB 232
firefighters, physical agility test - HB 150
firefighters, supplement, wages, overtime - SB 46
tax collections, omnibus revisions - HB 262
tax homestead exemption, expansion of - HB 261
Protective vests and tasers, constable eligible for from KSP program - HB 398
swimming pools, administrative regulations governing the safety and sanitation of - SB 21
swimming pools, federal main drain cover standards to be met for - HB 258
Transportation Authority, creation of, for highway construction - SB 15
transportation infrastructure authority, local input to - HB 102
transportation, offenses against user or operator of - HB 353
Purchase of U.S. and Kentucky flags by public institutions, must be manufactured in the USA - SB 33
Rape in the third degree, detention facility employees with inmates - SB 90
Real property owned by air board having scenic easements, length of covenant - HB 127
Recording public performances, prohibition, exceptions - HB 112: HCS
Require 50% of tax on wages by a city/county to be remitted to the city/county of residence - HB 448
Retirement System, DROP, program for hazardous duty employees - HB 421
Retirement, increase death in the line of duty benefits - SB 140
Sadieville, Scott County, from sixth to fifth, reclassification of - SB 38: SCS
School calendar, one hundred eighty-seven days or equivalent required - HB 256
Self-defense, carrying firearms while hunting, fishing, or trapping - HB 419: HCS
Sentence enhancements, limitation on use - HB 378
abuse in the first degree, by persons operating confinement facility - SB 75; HB 311; SB 75: HCS
orientation and gender identity discrimination, prohibition of - SB 95; HB 72
Sexually oriented business, separation of semi-nude employees from patrons - SB 42
Shock probation, prohibition of in cases of DUI and manslaughter - HB 192
and Bronze Star recipients, special license plates for - SB 36
Star Medal and Bronze Star Medals awarded for valor, create special license plate for - SB 36: SCS
Smoking by minors, prohibit while operating a motor vehicle - SB 35
Solicitation of contributions on highways by minors, requirement for adult supervision - HB 101
Soring horses, create ban on, set penalties for - SB 176
Spay/neuter, require for adoption, release - HB 240
"In God We Trust" license plate, direct Transportation Cabinet to produce - SJR 70
"Think About God" license plate, direct Transportation Cabinet to produce - SJR 69
license plates, allow sponsoring entities to set a requested donation amount - HB 74
license plates, recipients of Silver Star Medal and Bronze Star Medal for valor - SB 36: HCS
State parks, limited sale of alcohol, local option election, providing for - HB 308
Statewide initiative petitions, permission for - HB 217
Taking up and posting of stray equines, requirements for - HB 418
Tattoo and body piercing licensing board, membership and regulatory authority - HB 241: SCS
base coordination agreement, local government to share certain revenues - HB 442
increment financing, preferences for Kentucky firms - HB 543
Temporary replacement on county board of elections, circumstance for - HB 201
Tennessee Valley Authority, peace officer, authority - SB 105
during disaster or emergency, sentencing and penalty - HB 360
offenses, anhydrous ammonia, penalty increases - HB 369
offenses, provisions relating to - HB 369: HCS
Transportation cabinet, establish alternate standard issue license plate - HB 24
Trespass on retail and commercial premises, prohibit - HB 282
Turnpike authority of Kentucky, creation of bi-state authority through - HB 102: SCS
TVA in-lieu-of-tax payments, redistribute - HB 461
Underground storage tanks, registration of - HB 92
Carrier Registered Act, violation of, penalty increase - HB 370: HCS
Carrier Registration Act, violation of, penalty increase - HB 370
Unlawful transaction with a minor, removal of prohibition regarding activity involving salvia - HB 228: HCS
Unpasteurized goat milk, regulation of - HB 177
Van-only handicapped parking, establish requirements for - HB 316
Vehicles in the Commonwealth for more than 180 days, registration requirement - HB 218
Video lottery terminals, net terminal income for state budget purposes, dispersal of - HB 32
Voluntary contribution, permitted for applicants of the Go Green special license plate - HB 266
Voter preregistration for 16-year-olds, regulation of - SB 109
Voting rights for felons, constitutional amendment to provide - SB 126
Wage discrimination, prohibited on basis of sex, race, or national origin - HB 33
Workers' compensation, employer's reckless conduct, suits permitted for - HB 455

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