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21st Century Education Enterprise, creation of - HB 457
content standards, alignment - SB 1: CCR
content standards, alignment of - HB 508; SB 1: HCS, FCCR; HB 508: HCS
Agricultural products, purchasing, reporting of - SB 84
textbooks, bundled, limitations on sales of - HB 226
textbooks, editions, substantial content revisions, publishers to identify - HB 226
textbooks, faculty adoption deadlines - HB 226
Construction-management-at-risk project delivery method, state use of - HCR 117
Conveyance of school district property to KCTCS - HB 433: SCA (1)
Cost reporting and funding, category development - HJR 150
Council on Postsecondary Education, general fund per pupil, conduct study of - SJR 89
Course credits, transfer and degree program acceptance, clarify - HB 314
Credit card and debt management education for students - HB 83
Degrees, course credit hours, limit to - HJR 150
Early Access Grant Program - HB 324
Forgivable loan, dental or medical degree, establishment of, eligibility for - HB 386
Higher education capital projects, increase cap on projects allowing for completion by institution - HB 249: HFA (1)
KEES, dual credit and part-time college courses, use of funds for - HB 76
educational excellence scholarships, use of - HB 156
Reservists, education benefits for - HB 90
Master's degree for teachers, tuition waived for - HB 157
Morehead State University, tuition free courses for high school seniors - HR 104
Oil and gas operations, state-owned and university-owned lands, study of - SJR 67
Pharmacist refusal to dispense, unlawful to discriminate for - HB 297: HFA (1),(2)
institutions, cash-funded capital projects, interim process - HB 530
institutions, debt issuance by - HB 531
Public, community rehabilitation programs, purchases from, preference for - SB 147
Recycling, state offices and universities, reporting requirement for - HB 160
Community College Physical Therapist Assistant Program, recognition of - HR 233
Community College, Physical Therapist Assistant Program, honoring of - SR 105
State, community rehabilitation programs, purchases from, preference for - SB 147: SCS
Students, suspension or expulsion by faculty and staff or committee - HB 528
Study mining of and impacts to streams and forests in E.O. Robinson Forest - HJR 7
Teacher certification, assessments and internship, beginning teachers - SB 59
Textbooks, postsecondary education, adoption policies - HB 226: HCS
waiver, spouses and dependents of deceased or permanently disabled veteran - SB 135
waiver, spouses and dependents of permanently disabled veteran - SB 135: SCS
Tuition, limiting amount of increase - HB 159
University of Kentucky, equine industry program, increasing funds for - HB 105

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