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6 year road plan, clarify requirements for - HB 423: SCS
parking placards, allow for pregnant women and parents of children under one - HB 151
parking placards, clarification of use for pregnant women and those transporting infants - HB 151: HCS
Alternative-speed motorcycles, permit use of on highways - HB 21: HCS
Autocycles, permitted use on highways - HB 463
Barge lines, clarify property tax filing date of - HB 202: SCA (1)
road plan, amendments to - HB 433: HCS
road plan, Jefferson County, road project, addition of - HB 433: HFA (1)
Bill Francis Memorial Highway, designation of in Floyd County - SJR 18
CDL drug and alcohol testing database, requirement for - HB 443
Cell phones, prohibit use by minor driver with instruction permit or intermediate driver's license - HB 267
of title for all-terrain vehicles - HB 53: SFA (3),(4),(5)
of title for all-terrain vehicles, establish procedures - HB 53; HB 53: SFA (1)
Disabled veteran license plates, eliminate fees - SB 32
Distinguished Kentuckians, name roads in honor of - HJR 120
Division of Fleet Management, transfer of - SB 181
Driver's license information, restrict retention and use when obtained to verify age for gift - HB 47: HCS
Earl (Skip) Ritz Memorial Bridge, designate between Floyd County and Johnson county line - SJR 40
Farm trucks, allow 10% gross weight tolerance for - SB 47
Fuel ethanol-blended gasoline, requirements for sale and use of commodities - SB 12
Go Green special license plate, establishment of - HB 266
Gold Star Fathers license plate, establish - HB 66
drivers licensing, clarify effect on 18-year old drivers - HB 39
drivers licensing, exempt military members from - HB 39
driver license, permit for general traffic offenses - HB 213
license, vehicular homicide, requirements for and penalties for noncompliance - HB 369: SFA (2)
infrastructure authority, creation of - HB 102: HCS
infrastructure authority, technical corrections to - HB 102: HFA (1)
work zone, speeding in, required notice for double fines - HB 400
Identification cards for homeless, provide for - HB 199
In God We Trust license plate, establish as alternate standard issue plate - HB 24
Infrastructure authorities, approval of development agreement - HB 102: HFA (6)
James T. Dotson Bridge, designate on US 119 in Pike County - HJR 59
Kenny Rice, erect signs in honor of in the town of Eastern - SJR 88
plate, "In God We Trust", establish as alternate standard issue plate - HB 25
plates for disabled veterans, eliminate fees - HB 265
plates, official green - HB 245
electric vehicles, permit use of on highways - SB 7; HB 81
electric vehicles, permit use on highways - HB 21
vehicles, accident reporting - HB 21: SCA (1)
vehicles, permit use of on highways - HB 21: HCS
vehicles, use of on highways - HB 135
Masonic Order license plates, allowance of petition for a voluntary donation amount - HB 74: HCS
Mini-trucks, use on non-interstate highways - HB 2
Mopeds, titling and registration of - HB 45
fuels tax, adjust average wholesale price - HB 374: HCS
vehicle registration, voluntary contribution permitted upon registration of a farm truck - HB 100
transportation, promote with second Sunday - HR 142
transportation, promotion of - SR 79
Nonprofit organizations for transport of elderly and blind, exempt from motor carrier regulations - HB 139
communication device, prohibit use by an operator of a motor veh. under the age of 18 - HB 46: HFA (1)
communication device, prohibit use by an operator of a motor vehicle under the age of 18 - HB 46
communication device, prohibition of use while operating a motor vehicle - HB 41
Pike County, Jasper Justice Memorial Bridge, designation of - HJR 56
Prostate cancer awareness special license plate, establish - HB 402
Transportation Authority, creation of , for highway construction - SB 15
transportation, offenses against user or operator of - HB 353
Pulaski County Veterans Memorial Highway, establishment of in Pulaski county - HJR 78
grade crossings; inspection of - HB 60
maintenance, creation of fund for - HB 433: HFA (2)
Real ID Act, direct Transportation Cabinet not to comply with the provisions of - SJR 73; HJR 133
Reformulated gasoline, remove requirement for - HB 374: HFA (1)
Executive order 2008-505 - SB 184
Executive Order 2008-505 - SB 184: SCS
Replaces the term handicap with the term disabled - HB 316: HFA (1)
to Work Day, June 15, 2009, declaring - SR 96
to Work Day, recognizing June 15, 2009 as - HR 145
fund taxes, liability of officers for - HB 393
plan, current biennium, enactment of - HB 330: SCS
Plan, current biennium, enactment of - HB 330; HB 330: HCS; HJR 105: HFA (1)
Plan, last four years, enactment of - HJR 105; HJR 105: HCS
Roadside Memorial Task force, establishment of - HJR 12
Salvage vehicle damage threshold, exclude cost of airbags from calculation of - HB 309
license plate, create for recipients of the Bronze Star Medal awarded for valor - SB 36: SCS
license plate, create for recipients of the Silver Star Medal - SB 36: SCS
license plate, Silver and Bronze Star recipients - SB 36
license plates, allow sponsoring entities to set a requested donation amount - HB 74
license plates, recipients of the Silver Star Medal and Bronze Star Medal awarded for valor - SB 36: HCS
Jeremy R. Gullett Memorial Bridge, name in Greenup County - HR 199
Robert Jason Settle Memorial Highway, designate in Daviess County - SJR 58
Staff Sergeant Nicholas R. Carnes Memorial Highway, designate in the city of Dayton - SJR 29
contracts, contractors' employees in, employment eligibility, verification of - HB 134
contracts, verification of - SB 174
traffic school, increase fee to $50 - HB 493
Taxi and limousine certificates, clarify definitions and operating authority - HB 97
Taxicabs and limousines, clarification of operating authority of - HB 97: HCS
Teenage driver, intermediate license, Cassie Burch Safe Teenage Driver Law - HB 4
The Purple Heart Trail, designate segments, I-265, US 31 W, US 41A and certain parkways - SJR 16
Timothy Hall Memorial Bridge, designate in Floyd County - SJR 80
Titling of ATV's procedures for, establishment of - HB 53: HCS
Cabinet - HB 536: HCS
Cabinet, budget - HB 536
Cabinet, reorganization of - SB 182
Cabinet, require separate budget bill for - HB 423: SCS
Infrastructure Authority, require local agreement for financing plan - HB 102: HFA (2)
authority of Kentucky, creation of bi-state authority through - HB 102: SCS
Authority, responsibility for highway mega-projects - HB 509
Tuskegee Airmen Memorial Trail, extend throughout all of I-75 - HJR 70
Unified Carrier Registration Act, violation of, penalty increase - HB 370
US 60, in Carter County in honor of fallen firefighter and police officers designate sections of - HJR 111
Van-only handicapped parking, establish requirements for - HB 316
Vehicles in the Commonwealth for more than 180 days, registration requirement - HB 218
Voluntary contribution, permitted for applicants of the Go Green special license plate - HB 266

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