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Construction contracts, contractor drug-free workplace program, requirements for - HB 244
Construction-management-at-risk project delivery method, state use of - HCR 117
Government contracts, requirements and exemptions for - HB 44
Kentucky Public Procurement Association, resolution honoring - HR 231
Preference given to Kentucky small businesses - HB 339
Public Institutions, require U.S. and Kentucky flags be manufactured in U.S. - SB 33
Real property purchase from state employee, eliminate requirement of approval by Governor - HB 368
contractors, equal employment opportunity requirements for - HB 220
contracts, contractors' employees in, employment eligibility, verification of - HB 134
contracts, drug-free workplace program, subcontractors in, contractors not responsible for - HB 244: HFA (2)
contracts, verification of - SB 174
State, community rehabilitation programs, purchases from, preference for - SB 147; SB 147: SCS

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