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Agriculture, energy feedstocks, qualifying environmental remediation property, tax exemptions for - HB 162
redevelopment fund, site clean up, establishment of - SB 27
redevelopment, agricultural feedstocks, property tax credits - HB 162: HCS
Civil liability, carbon sequestration and demonstration projects, immunity from - HB 351
Easement of necessity, gender neutral references, technical corrections for - SB 170
Electronic scrap recycling program, establishment of - SB 63
Environment trust fund, environmentally beneficial projects, used for - HB 215
Environmentally beneficial projects, environmental trust fund, uses for - HB 215: HCS
High hazard impoundments, emergency action plans, file and approval of - HJR 119: SFA (2)
High-level nuclear waste, spent fuel, storage plan for - SB 13; HB 376
Impoundment breach, emergency action plans, requirements for - HJR 119: SFA (3)
Kentucky Natural Resource Caucus, creation of - HCR 141
Reclamation bond, oil and gas operations, state lands, requirement for - SB 138: HCS
Recycling, state offices and universities, reporting requirement for - HB 160
Reorganization, Energy and Environment Cabinet, Executive Order 2008-531 - HB 473
Streams, overburden from mining, placement of - SB 100
Study mining of and impacts to streams and forests in E.O. Robinson Forest - HJR 7
Wastewater, contamination, services for - HB 422
Waters of Commonwealth, disposal of overburden, prohibition of - HB 104

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