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Abortion, practice, procedure, and prohibited acts - HB 191
Abuse treatment, residential contract for therapeutic home - SB 4: HFA (1),(2)
Advance deposit account wagering licensee, defined - HB 472: HCS
Agricultural products, purchasing, reporting of - SB 84
Biofuel blends, tax credits - HB 537
penalty for violation of law that permits practice in public, establish - HB 214
penalty for violation of law, establish - SB 29
Budget reduction and surplus expenditure plans, clarification - HB 423: HCS
Cabinet for Health and Family Services, public swimming pool safety regulations, create exemption - HB 258: HFA (1)
Cellulosic ethanol, restore original tax credit cap and per gallon rate - HB 537: HCS
auction, in certain situations person not retailer - HB 216
health care services, permit out-of-state providers to provide - HB 99
Childhood hearing loss, assessment and diagnosis of - HB 5
Cigarette surtax, create additional levy - HB 68
City tax collection, PVA's preliminary property assessment provided to city - HB 186
Claims, funds for payment, appropriation - HB 407
Clean Coal Tax Credit, clarify due date for claiming - HB 299
coaches, required training for - HB 383
Commission for Children with Special Health Care Needs, hearing loss, assessment and diagnosis - HB 5: HCS
Community rehabilitation tax credit, created - HB 10
Compulsory school age, raising from 16 to 18 - HB 189
Consensus forecast and budget reduction provisions, amendment of - HB 423
Consumer product safety, provide information to child-care providers - HB 194
CPR and automated external defibrillators, use of - HB 383: HCS
Create new tax incentives for the expansion of existing tourism projects - HB 521
Department of Parks employees, full-time position hours - HB 136
Development incentives, require Kentucky wage component for advance disbursement - HB 229: HCS (1)
Dialysis coverage, require reimbursement to provider rather than patient - SB 19
Driving under the influence, penalties for - SB 34: FCCR
DUI, violation for controlled substance use - SB 5
development incentive programs, omnibus revisions - HB 229
development programs, omnibus revisions - HB 229: HCS (2)
Education of inmates, transfer of funding for - HB 439
Action Plans for high hazard dams, administrative regulations requiring - HJR 119
action plans, high hazard impoundments, limitation on - HJR 119: HCS
incentives for carbon capture and sequestration, technical corrections - HB 285: HCS
strategy, oil and gas, nuclear power, inclusion of - HB 537: SCS
Family Trust Program, establishment of special needs trust program for the disabled - HB 71
Farm-to-food bank program, establishment of - HB 344
Fire inspection fees - HB 293
Funding and operation of jails - SB 76
Governor's Advisory Board for Veterans' Affairs, meeting, quarterly - HB 329
HB 347/HCS - HB 347: HCS
Health & Family Services Cabinet, public swimming pool safety regulations promulgated by - HB 258
Homelessness, prevention, continue pilot project for - HB 6
Human remains, initial removal, requirements for - HB 477
Immunizations, human papillomavirus, require - HB 69
tax credit, establish for certain employers for educational expenses on behalf of employees - HB 507
tax, Energy Star manufactured home, create credit - HB 178
tax, Internal Revenue Code, update reference to - HB 533
Infection, health facility-acquired, report rates - HB 67
Inspections, disposition of funds from - HB 293: HCS
KEES base awards, homeschool high school students, calculation for - SB 180: SCS
Center for African American Heritage, create - SB 139; SB 139: SCS
Department of Education, interscholastic athletics safety, study of - HB 383: SCS
educational excellence scholarship, homeschool students, awards to - SB 180
Higher Education Student Loan Corporation, dental or medical degree, loan forgiven - HB 386
Horse Racing Authority, omnibus chapter revisions - HB 472
National Guard, assistance for physical and mental conditions - HB 541
State Police, reemployment of retired troopers - HB 410
KLEEP Fund, transfer administration to DOCJT and increase stipend amount - HB 466
KY Horse Racing Authority, excise tax on secondary pari-mutuel organization, establishment of - HB 475
Legacy expansion projects, include Kentucky employment factor - HB 490: HCS
Legislative budget, fund transfer - HB 143: HCS
development areas, termination date, extension to 30 years - HB 395
economic development areas, allow time extension in specific cases - HB 395: HCS
Government Economic Assistance Fund, balances in, investment of - HB 286
Lodging, sales tax on, clarification of tax base - HB 482
Long-term care facility administrator, licensing of - HB 7
fuels tax, make technical corrections to - HB 374
vehicle usage tax, exemption for certain trusts transfers - SB 107
Vehicles, Assessments on end of year purchases, clarify procedures for - HB 340
Multistate Tax Compact, adoption - HB 544
National Guard and reserve personnel, line of duty, deaths and injuries, benefits for - HB 415
New Markets Program, tax credits for - HB 511
Noncertified cigarettes, removal steps for - SB 48
Nursing home residents, rights of - HB 206
Optometric Examiners, Kentucky Board of, regulations allowing practice outside office of - HB 99: HCS
Organ donation, nonrefundable tax credit, provide for individuals - HB 36
Pari-mutuel racing excise tax - HB 474
Postsecondary institutions, debt issuance by - HB 531
Power of attorney for care of minor child, creation of and requirements for - HB 469
Property Tax Homestead Exemption - HB 125
assistance, substance abuse screening - HB 15
facility, rebate of tax for governmental entities - HB 279
transportation infrastructure authority, local input to - HB 102
Rest areas, United States, Kentucky, and POW/MIA flags - HB 343
Retired troopers, creation of reemployment program - HB 410: HFA (1)
River mile markers, adjust to agree with Corps of Engineers designations - HB 202
Road fund taxes, liability of officers for - HB 393
and use tax, occasional sale, exclude recreational vehicles - HB 171
and use tax, streamlined sales and use tax agreement, conforming changes - HB 347
and use tax, vendor compensation, cap - HB 429
tax, exemption, removal of, packaged sales of alcohol - HB 144: HCS
School districts, capital outlay funds, use of - HB 363
SEEK funds, growth districts, mid-year adjustments in - HB 408
Small business tax credit, remove cap reduction - HB 26: HFA (1)
Software maintenance contracts, definition deleted - HB 347: SCS
parks, limited sale of alcohol, providing for - HB 308
traffic school, appropriate revenue from fees - HB 493
Branch Budget - HB 143
Branch Budget Bill, repeal and reenact amendment of - HB 292
Subpoenas of tax information, when applicable - HB 495: HCS
abuse treatment, residential, contract for therapeutic home - HB 490
abuse treatment, residential, permit to contract for - HB 490: HCS
prevention awareness and training information, requirement for - HB 506: HCS
prevention training model program, development of - HB 506
credits, incentives for small business development - HB 26
increment financing, expand qualifying projects - HB 229: SCS
Increment Financing, reduce minimum investment in limited circumstances - HB 497
information, disclosure of - HB 495
Tobacco taxes, make technical changes - HB 144
Cabinet, require separate budget bill for - HB 423: SCS
Infrastructure Authority, require local agreement for financing plan - HB 102: HFA (2)
Tuition tax credit program, allow credit for students enrolled in Metropolitan College - HB 507: HCS
Turnpike authority of Kentucky, creation of bi-state authority through - HB 102
Unpasteurized goat milk, regulation of - HB 177
Utility gross receipts license tax, Internet protocol television service, include - HB 236
Veterans' Affairs Department, disabled veterans, minors representation of - HB 335
Video lottery application fee, establishment of - HB 158: HCS
Voter preregistration for 16-year-olds, regulation of - SB 109
Water and Sewer Projects, repeal and reenactment of - HB 181

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