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Agriculture, energy feedstocks, qualifying environmental remediation property, tax exemptions for - HB 162
Alternative fuel, tar sands and crude oil, inclusion of - HB 178: SFA (1)
Bad actor provisions, increasing fines and strengthening enforcement of - HB 397
redevelopment fund, establishment of - SB 27
redevelopment, agricultural feedstocks, property tax credits - HB 162: HCS
for Renewable Energy Research, creation of - HB 362: SCS, HCS
for Renewable Energy Research, membership, executive director - HB 362: HFA (1)
Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources, scope of authority for - SB 81: SFA (1)
regulation of - SB 81: SCS
Civil liability, carbon sequestration and demonstration projects, immunity from - HB 351
Coal and ash slurry, fate and consequence of - HJR 119: SFA (3)
of Fish and Wildlife Resources, assistance, authorization to provide to Foundation - HB 65
of Fish and Wildlife Resources, Foundation, staffing for - HB 208: SCS
Easement of necessity, gender neutral references, technical corrections for - SB 170
scrap recycling program, establishment of - SB 63; SB 27: HFA (1)
scrap recycling program, exempt certain devices from - SB 63: SFA (1),(2)
scrap recycling program, tier registration fees for - SB 63: SFA (1),(2)
Emergency action plans, high hazard impoundments, limitation on - HJR 119: HCS
Energy utility demand-side management programs, PSC authority thereof - SB 51
Environment trust fund, environmentally beneficial projects, used for - HB 215
Environment, oil and gas operations, nuclear power, protections for - HB 537: SCS
Environmentally beneficial projects, definition of - HB 215: HCS
Firewood cut for personal use, exclusion from best management practices for - HB 211
Forest Health Board, establishment of - HB 235
Forestry-related crimes, enforcement of - HB 396
Forfeited bond fees for tank battery and gathering line remediation operations - SB 134
High hazard impoundments, emergency action plans, file and approval of - HJR 119: SFA (2)
High-level nuclear waste, storage plan, disposal of - SB 13; HB 376
Horseback riding trails, direct Fish and Wildlife to designate - HB 522
Kentucky pride fund, permit the deposit of voluntary contributions from Go Green license plates - HB 266
Ky. Geological Survey, express support for work in carbon sequestration - HJR 126
Mold remediation, standards for, establish - HB 310
and gas leases, state-owned lands, environmental protections for - SB 138
and gas operations, state-owned and university-owned lands, study of - SJR 67
Pollinator habitat, reclamation site revegetation requirements, inclusion of - HB 492
Real property owned by air board having scenic easements, length of covenant - HB 127
state agencies, reporting requirements for - SB 99
state offices and universities, reporting requirement for - HB 160
Reformulated gasoline, remove requirement for - HB 374: HFA (1)
Regional wastewater commissions, environment, protection of - HB 422
Remediation of tank batteries, funding transfer for - SB 134: HCS
Reorganization, Energy and Environment Cabinet, Executive Order 2008-531 - HB 473
Ride to Work Day, June 15, 2009, declaring - SR 96
School core content, fire ecology, include - HB 122
Selling timber, requirement of proof of title when - HB 481
Southern States Energy Compact, effective date of ratification - HB 362; HB 362: SCS
Streams, overburden from mining, placement of - SB 100
Study mining of and impacts to streams and forests in E.O. Robinson Forest - HJR 7
Television recycling program, direct the cabinet to submit a report with recommendations for - SB 63: SFA (1)
Underground storage tanks, registration of - HB 92

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