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Waste Management


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County and waste management districts, solid waste taxes and service fees, collection of - HB 100
Electronic waste disposal and recycling, direct EPPC to submit report on - SJR 76
waste assessment fee, Legislative Research Commission, biennial report to - SB 69: HCS
waste assessment, allocations in fund for - SB 69: SFA (1)
waste assessment, change date of - SB 69: SCA (2)
waste management fund, energy recovery incineration, rate imposed for - SB 69
waste management fund, fund remittance, change amount of - SB 69: SCA (1)
Interlocal agreements, incentives for county cooperation - HB 80
Nuclear power, radioactive wastes, storage of - SB 156: SCS
Plastic containers, coding of, make changes to - HB 233: HCS
Solid waste management districts delinquent taxes and fees, collection of - HB 100: HCS
agencies, annual report on recycling required - HB 604
Agencies, annual report on recycling, requirement of - HB 604: HFA (1)
Storm water rate charges, persons exempt from - SB 229
Stream Restoration and Mitigation Authority, waste in waterbodies, clean up of - HB 717: HCS
and Sewer Projects - HB 608: SCS
and Sewer Projects, reauthorization and reallocation of - HB 485: SCA (2)

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