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Automated external defibrillator, require at school and athletic events - HB 107
Boxing, kickboxing, mixed martial arts, wrestling shows, regulation of - HB 684; HB 684: HCS
Burglar, fire, and other private alarm systems, regulation of contractors providing - HB 41
Children's toys and products - SB 143
Establish complete streets priority in state transportation projects - SB 145
Hybrid vehicles, require administrative regulations establishing minimum sound standards for - HB 732
Inspections, state fire marshal - HB 728
Manufactured housing, requirements for weather radios - HB 156
Methane vents for water wells, required usage - HB 620
Multicity fire protection district, interlocal agreement, funding by tax levy - HB 774
emergency response systems, regulate private residential use and sale of - HB 40
watercraft, operation on public waterways, regulation of - HB 452; HB 452: HFA (1)
Reports and report summaries, delivery to fire commission - HB 475
Rescue programs, search and rescue programs, omnibus revision - HB 692
Secretary, Environment and Public Protection Cabinet, duties of - SB 201
Toys, prohibit sale of recalled - HB 476
Underground facilities, damage protection thereof - HB 649; HB 649: HCS, HFA (1),(2)

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