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911 Service charge, permit local government to designate collection agent other than phone provider - HB 725
Alternative energy, net-metering for - HB 313: HCS
Automated calling equipment or recorded political message by a party or campaign, prohibit use of - HB 90
Carbon dioxide emissions form coal-fired electricity generation, capture and management - HB 716
Cities, annexation, when existing city-owned utility infrastructure already present - HB 506
gasification waste, special wastes, inclusion as - SB 243
gasification waste, special wastes, treatment as - SB 243: SCS
Conference committee could not agree - SB 83: CCR
Electrical service to manufactured or mobile homes, certified installer's seal required to connect - SB 76: SCS
Emergency call center funding, study of - HJR 88
Funding of emergency 911 call centers, study - HJR 88: HFA (1)
Manufactured or mobile homes, restrictions on installation stickers for - SB 76
Municipal utilities, Stream Restoration and Mitigation Authority, membership on - HB 717: HCS
Natural gas utilities, retail competition - SB 230
electricity metering, add wind, water, or other renewable source of energy - SB 83
metering, expand eligible fuels, increase generator capacity, standardize interconnection - SB 83: FCCR
metering, expand eligible generators, create statewide interconnection standard - HB 313
metering, include biomass, increase capacity, interconnection guidelines - SB 83: HFA (1)
metering, increase cap on customer-generators from 0.1% to 1.0% of single hour peak load - SB 83: HFA (2)
power facilities, certification of, nuclear waste disposal requirements for - SB 156
power facility, certification for - HB 542
power, radioactive wastes, storage of - SB 156: SCS
Service Commission, Appointment of Caroline P. Clark - SR 36
Service Commission, confirmation, Mark David Goss - SR 33
Service Commission, penalties for violation, increase - HB 337
Storm water, sanitary system, rates charged to persons not served, exemption from - HB 83: SFA (1)
Stream restoration and mitigation authorities, creation of - HB 717
Underground facilities, damage protection thereof - HB 649; HB 649: HCS, HFA (1),(2)
districts, extension and formation of - HB 83
supply expansion, make requirements for - HB 737

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