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Closed meetings, restrict membership in organizations which hold - HB 113
Finance and Administration Cab., Local Gov. Economic Assistance Fund, investment of - HB 449
Infrastructure, for construction of major transportation projects - HB 689
Kentucky Housing Corporation, increase debt limit of - HB 373
infrastructure authorities, allow tolling authority only on new construction - SB 7: SFA (2)
infrastructure authorities, require audit by the State Auditor - SB 7: SFA (3)
infrastructure authorities, require leasing of facilities back to the state - SB 7: SFA (3)
infrastructure authorities, require removal of tolls when bonds retired - SB 7: SFA (2)
infrastructure authorities, revise membership, quorum and chair requirements - SB 7: SFA (1)
Natural Gas Acquisition Authority, authorize creation and powers thereof - HB 690; HB 690: HFA (1),(2)
Public infrastructure authorities, allow establishment to construct and operate highway projects - SB 7
Secretary, Environment and Public Protection Cabinet, duties of - SB 201
Special meetings, public agencies - HB 330
State fire marshal, permitting process and reporting requirements, duties in - HB 439

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