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Delta Queen, urge Congress to renew exemption of Delta Queen from Safety of Life at Sea Act - HR 109
Flags of historical significance, Kentucky Historical Society, develop catalogue of - SJR 182
or prehistoric remains on property, procedure for disposition of - HB 296
properties preservation list, Henry Clay Law Office, removal from - SB 127
Head Rock, condemning removal of - HR 12
Head Rock, urge City of Portsmouth, Ohio to return - HR 12
Kentucky Capitol Centennial Commission, establish - HB 736
Military status, false representation, exempt from penalty for - HB 110: HCS
The Log Cabin, naming and designating as the official quilt pattern of the Commonwealth - SB 127: HFA (1)
Traffic signals, allow to proceed through red light when light does not cycle - HB 525: HFA (3)
Vest Lindsey House, establish as state meeting house - HB 605

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