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"Andy and Mary Carter Memorial Bridge," designate in Pike County - SJR 144
"Carrie Combs Bridge," designate in Knott County - HJR 134
"Chief Randy Lacy Memorial Highway," designate in Powell County - HJR 53
"Junior Hager and the Melody Drifters," designate portion of County Music Highway in honor of - HJR 24
"Mary Lou Runyon Memorial Bridge," designate in Pike County - HJR 27
"Miles Justice Family Bridge," designate in Pike County - HJR 29
"Phillip K. Epling Memorial Bridge," designate in Pike County - HJR 118
"Sergeant William Glenn Bowling Memorial Bridge," designate in Lee County - HJR 50
"Skaggs Brothers Highway," designate in Lawrence County - HB 192: HCS
"Specialist Timothy Adam Fulkerson Memorial Highway, " US Route 231 - SJR 9
"The Purple Heart Trail," designate segments, I-265, US 31W, US 41A and certain parkways - SJR 5
"Tuskegee Airmen Memorial Trail," extension of - SJR 5: HFA (1)
Bataan-Corregidor Memorial Highway, designate portion of US 127 in Mercer County - HB 192: SCS (4)
establish vegetation control permit system - HB 192: SFA (1),(2)
vegetation control and repair permit system - HB 582
effect of prior convictions - HB 264
provisions relating to - HB 170: SFA (2)
Engineering services procurement, revise committee makeup - HB 349: HCS
Establish complete streets priority in state transportation projects - SB 145
FY 2008-2010 Biennial Highway Construction plan, set forth - HB 79: SCS
carts, allow local governments to adopt ordinances permitting use on designated public roads - SB 93; SB 93: HCS
carts, use on public roadways - SB 93: SCS
Highway contingency account, limit expenditures from in gubernatorial election years - HB 446
Honorary designations, omnibus resolution - SJR 5: HCS
Infrastructure projects, delete requirement for transfer of tolls - HB 689: HFA (2)
Interest paid, modify accrual of - HB 568: HCS
Interlocal agreements, county road projects - HB 80
Junior Hager and the Melody Drifters, designate ramps in honor of in Pike County - HJR 138
Kentucky Route 2154, "The Marion County Veterans Memorial Highway" - HJR 171
32 in Lawrence County, designate in honor of the Skaggs Brothers - SB 135: HCS
Route 121, name in honor of Adrian "Odie" Smith - SJR 5: HFA (2)
infrastructure authorities, allow tolling authority only on new construction - SB 7: SFA (2)
infrastructure authorities, require audit by the State Auditor - SB 7: SFA (3)
infrastructure authorities, require leasing of facilities back to the state - SB 7: SFA (3)
infrastructure authorities, require removal of tolls when bonds retired - SB 7: SFA (2)
infrastructure authorities, revise membership, quorum and chair requirements - SB 7: SFA (1)
electric vehicles, permit use of on highways - HB 349
electric vehicles, permit use of on public roadways - HB 243: HCS
Medium-speed electric vehicles, permit use of on highways - HB 243
Mini-trucks, permit operation on highway - HB 243: SCS
fuels tax, adjust computation of - HB 262: HCS (2)
fuels tax, county revenue sharing of - HB 704: HFA (2)
fuels taxes, allow one-tenth of one cent to be shared with local governments - HB 262: HFA (3)
fuels taxes, method of adjustment of rate of tax - HB 262: HFA (7)
vehicles, use of headlamps in work zone - HB 229
Overweight and overdimensional permits, require hearing prior or revocation - HB 651
Projects, establish public infrastructure authorities to construct and operate - SB 7
infrastructure authority, alter member and reporting requirements - HB 689: HFA (3)
Infrastructure Authority, use to construct major projects - HB 689
Railroad grade crossings, inspection of - HB 267
fund, require study of - SB 7: SFA (4)
fund, require transfer for infrastructure authority projects - HB 689: HFA (1)
Projects - HB 136: SCS
School zones, allow schools to operate school flasher lights during school hours and activities - HB 180
Soliciting contributions on highways by minors, require adult supervision of - HB 278
Taxicabs, prohibit the hiring of sex offenders as drivers in cities of the first class - HB 217
signal, inoperative at intersection, when to proceed - HB 525
signals, allow to proceed through red light when light does not cycle - HB 525: HFA (1),(2)
127 by-pass, name The Bataan-Corregidor Memorial Highway. - SJR 5: HFA (3)
Highway 68 in Mercer County, designate as part of the National Truck Network - HB 673
Water craft, create and set provisions for overweight and overdimensional permit to transport - SB 209
Work zone, speeding in, required notice for double fines - HB 325

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