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establish vegetation control permit system - HB 192: SFA (1),(2)
vegetation control and repair permit system - HB 582
Casino gaming moneys, distribution of - HB 550
Coal gasification waste, special wastes, treatment as - SB 243: SCS
Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources, personnel may assist foundation - HB 152
Discharge permit applications, water quality data to be less than 36 months old - SB 107
Electronic waste disposal and recycling, direct EPPC to submit report on - SJR 76
Emergency Action Plans for impoundments, administrative regulations - SJR 72; HJR 60; SJR 72: SCS
Energy portfolio standards, study - HB 299
Establish complete streets priority in state transportation projects - SB 145
Gravel operations, limited permit, environmental requirements for - SB 54: SCS
Greenhouse gas emissions tracking and reporting, state government, requirements of - HB 741
waste assessment, change date of - SB 69: SCA (2)
waste management fund, energy recovery incineration, rate imposed for - SB 69
waste management fund, fund remittance, change amount of - SB 69: SCA (1)
Illegal taking of fish and wildlife, civil penalties for, increase - HB 680
Recreational Trails Authority, ATV use in adventure tourism & trespassing, study of - HJR 153
trails Authority, recreational land use, agreements for - SB 196: SCS
Wetland and Stream Mitigation fund, appropriation to - HB 215
Recreational Trails Authority, add member of the Brain Injury Association of Kentucky to - SB 196: HFA (2)
Recreational Trails Authority, revise membership, enable land contracts - SB 196
Land Stewardship and Conversation Task Force, Reauthorize - HCR 93
Methane vents for water wells, required usage - HB 620
Mold remediation, standards for, establish - HB 434
and all-terrain vehicles, establish trail system - HB 613
vehicle and all-terrain vehicle trail system, establish pilot project - HB 613: HFA (1)
PACE, termination of donated easements, payment to legal heirs at law - HB 216
container labeling, modifications - HB 233
containers, coding of, make changes to - HB 233: HCS
PSTEAF, Environmental and Public Protection cabinet, funds transferred from - SB 69: HCS
Recreational use agreements, Department of Fish and Wildlife, enforcement of - SB 196: HFA (3); HB 196: HFA (1)
Remove of dilapidated buildings, agreement terms, disposition of waste and other contamination - HB 319: HFA (1)
and gravel extraction on one acre, create limited permit for - HB 286; SB 54: SFA (2),(3),(4)
and gravel extraction, limited permit for one acre - SB 54
hunting license for hunting in licensed shooting areas, create - HB 618: SCS
wastes, coal gasification waste, treatment as - SB 243
Storm water, sanitary system, rates charged to persons not served, exemption from - HB 83: SFA (1)
Mitigation and Restoration Authority, membership on - HB 717: SCS
restoration and mitigation authorities, creation of - HB 717
Restoration and Mitigation Authority, responsibilities of - HB 717: HCS
Structures on public waters, Department of Fish and Wildlife, permits for - HB 205
Surface mine overburden and reclamation, make changes to requirements relating to - HB 164
Sustainable design in school buildings, encourage - SB 168
U.S. Env. Prot. Agency, adoption of criteria for diesel engine conversion kits, resolution urging - HR 91
Vehicle emissions, regulation of - HB 271
districts, extension and formation of - HB 83
supply expansion by utility, make requirements for - HB 737

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