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Green Chamber Orchestra, official chamber orchestra of the Commonwealth, designation as - HB 219
Green Western Symphony, designation as oldest continuously operating symphony - HB 359
Capitol centennial commission - HB 736: HCS
cruise capital of Kentucky, Somerset designate - SB 103
cruise capital of Kentucky, Somerset, designate - HB 338
Cornhole, official state game, designation of - HB 37
Corvette, official state sports car, designed as - HB 49
Flags of historical significance, Kentucky Historical Society, develop catalogue of - SJR 182
Capitol Centennial Commission, establish - HB 736
Wine and Vine Festival, official designation of - HB 245
Recipe Kentucky Fried Chicken, designation as official picnic food of Kentucky - SB 127: HFA (3)
Recipe Kentucky Fried Chicken, designate as official picnic food of the Commonwealth - HB 331
State dish, designate burgoo as - HB 74
The Log Cabin, naming and designating as the official quilt pattern of the Commonwealth - SB 127: HFA (1)

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